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The PMW-500 is a full Broadcast HD Camcorder shooting to 50Mb 4:2:2 on removable XDCAM EX SxS removable storage.

The PMW-500 is Sony Professional’s first XDCAM HD422 Camcorder with solid state recording and effectively does the same job as the PDW-F800 but instead of shooting to XDCAM HD disks, it records instead to removable solid state memory cards. It supports full-HD 422 50-Mbps MXF record and playback based on highly developed MPEG-2 Long GOP compression technology. Uniquely, it can also be switched to record in HD 420 35-Mbps MP4 format which makes for seamless integration when used alongside XDCAM EX models.

On paper it does everything - 1080i and 1080p, slow motion ramping up to 60p using 720/50and 720/60 modes; firewire output; non-linear capture; great workflow; 2/3” lens mounting which means that a vast lens selection is available to hire for it. It also can switch between shooting in 720/50 or 720/60 modes for true US or European HD acquisition.

The camcorder is supplied with 4 x 32GB cards for the regular price with 4 hours of HD storage. You can add a KJ16x HD zoom lens for an additional £20 for a budget deal or an HJ22 or HJ11 lens for an additional £100 per day.

32GB SxS Cards (2 hour at HQ mode)
64GB SxS Cards
(4 hours at HQ mode)

Optional XDCAM Reader/Writer as an interface for pc/mac without having to use the camera as a reader unit.

Optional HDVF-C35W Colour Viewfinder to replace monochrome standard eyepiece.

The PMW-500 is a full Broadcast HD Camcorder shooting to 50Mb 4:2:2 on removable XDCAM EX SxS removable storage.


  • Rate: £200 per day
  • PMW-500 with a KJ16x HD Zoom lens£220 per day
  • PMW-500 with HJ22 or HJ11 lens£300 per day
  • Sony PMW-500 HD Documentary Kit
    Upgrade to documentary kit add:
    HJ22ex7.6BIRS HD ENG zoom lens
    HJ11x4.7BIRS HD ENG zoom lens
    Clip-on Matte Box, Sachtler Video 20 3
    stage Carbon Fibre Tripod, Director's Monitor
    *additional £120 per day£320 per day/ £1280/week
  • Sony PMW-500 HD Documentary Kit£1000/week (2 weeks+)

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