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ARRI Alexa Kit Cooke Mini S4i T2.8

Alexa/Alexa Plus/Alexa Plus 4:3

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ARRI Digital Alexa Shooting Kit with 5 x Cooke T2.8 18-85mm Mini S4i lenses.

  • ARRI Alexa camera body with High Speed 120fps Option
  • ARRI Electronic Viewfinder (EVF)
  • Eyepiece extension and levelling arm
  • 5x 32GB, 2 64GB SxS Card Storage (1.17 Mins/GB at 4:2:2 @ 25p mode)
  • 9 x Anton Bauer HD Dionic HC on-board batteries with
  • Anton  Bauer dual hot-swap battery plates (90 mins operation per pair of batteries)
  • 2 x Anton Bauer 4 way charger
  • Anton bauer 150W AC Adapter
  • 2 x Anton Bauer 24V VCLX 540WH Cine Block batteries with chargers (3 hours operation per battery)
  • ARRI Bridge Plate with 15mm & 19mm bars system
  • ARRI MB18/MB19/MB20/MB28 production swing-away matte box complete with a full set of mattes, side wings & top flag
  • ARRI FF3/FF4/FF5 Follow Focus
  • O’Connor 2060 Ultimate or 2575 Ultimate or Ronford F7 or Sachtler Cine-30HD head
  • Tall legs, short legs with 2 x ground level spreaders (Moy or 150mm bowl)
  • - Cooke Mini S4i Prime Lens set
    - 18mm/T2.8 Cooke Mini S4i Prime lens
    - 28mm//T2.8 Cooke Mini S4i Prime lens
    - 35mm/T2.8 Cooke Mini S4i Prime lens
    - 50mm//T2.8 Cooke Mini S4i Prime lens
    - 75mm//T2.8 Cooke Mini S4i Prime lens

Cooke Mini S4i PL Prime Set of 5x T2.8 lens are smaller, lighter than the S4i but offers the same resolution, optical quality and reliability.  Previously known as Cooke Panchro but not to be confused with old generation Cooke Panchros.  Cooke decided that the lenses should be equally suitable for shooting film and digital images up to and beyond a 4K resolution pipeline.

ARRI Digital Alexa Shooting Kit with 5 x Cooke T2.8 18-85mm Mini S4i lenses.



VMI ARRI Alexa operation and workflow will follow soon...

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