Equipment List - Latest equipment

ARRI Alexa/Amira Heated Eyecup HE-6

A heated eyecup for the ALEXA EVF-1 or AMIRA MVF-1 eyepiece. Designed to reduce fogging or freezing in very humid and/or cold environments. Not compatible with film camera eyepieces. Includes heated eyecup cable KC-42 

Alexa/Amira Heated Eyecup HE-6

Canon C300 Mk II 4K Camcorder (EOS/PL)

This is a very worthy successor to the incredibly popular Canon C300.

The Canon C300 Mk II is a Super-35, full 4K camcorder with interchangeable lens mounts to offer compatibility with EF, PL and B4 lenses (Workshop fit only) and offers fully automatic operation including an effective autofocus (subject to being used with suitable lenses).  It recordson board 4K/Full HD video with HDR and Canon Log2 of the new REC 2020 colour gamut.

C300 Mk 2 4K Camcorder (EOS/PL) NOW ARRIVED

Canon XC10 large sensor 4K fixed lens camcorder (10-1)

A compact 4K camcorder with large 1” sensor, ergonomic operation and tilting high resolution monitor/viewfinder recording internally to C-FAST2 cards at data rates of up to 305Mb per second (no external 4K recorder required) and includes a built-in 10-1 high quality zoom lens.

Canon XC10 large sensor 4K fixed lens camcorder

Wooden Camera A-Box (DSLR) XLR Adapter to minijack

Double XLR Adapter to minijack input with 15mm mounting kit for DSLR or similar cameras.

Double XLR Adapter to minijack input with 15mm mounting kit

Sony/Sandisk CFAST2 128GB Memory Card

128GB CFAST2 Card for ARRI Amira, Canon C300II, Canon XC10, SXT (with CFAST caddy) and Ursa Mini Camcorders etc.

These are the higher read/write capacity cards compatible with 4K frame rates.  These are compatible with CFAST1 cameras.

Tiffen PV Glimmerglass Set

5.65"x4"PV Filter set includes: 1, 2,3,4 and 5

PV Filter Set

OrcaVue Life "Bullet time 360 Rig"

Unique 'Bullet time 360" rig for providing the ultimate 'hero' selfie.  

Traditionally, you needed a fixed rig of perhaps 50 DSLR cameras in a circle to make this shot with a lot of crew, knowhow and data.  Today, you only need a single GoPro and an OrcaVue platform.

Creates a unique shot when used in conjunction with DSLR/GoPro type cameras reminiscent of the Matrix "Bullet Time" shot which only makes sense when you see the shots that it facilitates.

OrcaVue Life Travel Package, VMI mod

Photon Beard 1.2KW HMI 'Platinum Blonde' flicker free open face

1.2KW HMI open face lamp complete with lens, stand, ballast and jumper plus 7m (25') cable.

1.2K open face HMI Lamp

Tiffen 6x6 Black Diffusion FX Set

6.6" x 6.6" Filter set includes 1/4, 1/2, 1 and 2

6x6 Filter

ARRI Alexa Mini with WLCS package

ARRI Alexa Mini 4K 4:3 35mm Digital Film Camera.  Includes 3-axis ARRI integrated wireless lens control system as part of the package at no extra charge.

ARRI Alexa Mini with 3-axis wireless lens control system

Rotolight NEO 3 x head Bi-Colour LED light with effects

The Rotolight NEO kit is a 3 x lamp bi-colour LED light kit with punchy LEDs which work in daylight or tungsten colour temperature and are light enough for on-camera use.  They also include very versatile electronic lighting functions such as lightning, strobe etc.

NEO 3 x head Bi-Colour LED light with effects

Scubacam Alexa/Amira/RED Underwater Housing

Scubacam underwater housing compatible with ARRI Alexa, ARRI Amira & RED EPIC cameras. Depth rated to 4m, the housing also features waterproof viewfinder, 24V power feed, remote lens control & HD monitoring to the surface.

Scubacam Alexa/Amira/RED EPIC Underwater Housing

DJI Ronin 3-axis Extension-arm Gimbal system

Extension arm version of 3 Axis Gimbal System designed to carry large payloads, so suitable for large and small cameras enabling steadicam-type shots on carbon-fibre/aluminium frame. It is a handheld 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal, for large payload cameras with brushless technology for refined use.

Ronin equivalent of MoVI M10 3-axis Gimbal system, only (in our opinion) better

Canon Cinema Zoom CN20x50, 50-1000mm/T5-8.9 PL

The Canon 50-1000mm/T5-T8.9 film zoom lens has an outstanding range which is way more than any of the other film lenses in its class and is comparable with the popular HJ40x10 and HJ18x28 B4 2/3" documentary lenses.  

*** Now Arrived ***

Photon Beard Daylight Double Redhead LED kit

The Photon Beard Daylight Double Redhead LED kit is a modern version of an old favourite in a super-convenient custom rolling flight case which is both mains and battery powered and works in tungsten or daylight colour temperature.  Double battery kit supplied permitting 55 mins run time for both heads.

Photon Beard PB80 double 'LED Head' kit

Sryp Genie

Versatile time lapse device for pan, tilt and also universal linear motion for dolly/slider etc.

TC-80N3 Time lapse motion control device for 5D DSLR Cameras

Miller Compass 12 Solo 3-Stage Carbon Fibre

Highly acclaimed Miller Compass 12 fluid head (10kg payload) with ultra light Solo 75 3-Stage Carbon Fibre Tripod suited for DSLR to C300/FS-7 cameras.

Tripod 3-Stage Carbon Fibre

Miller CAT311 Carbon Fibre Monopod (Solopod)

Very stable 3-stage precision telescopic lightweight professional monopod with 3 stage telescopic leg, comfortable neoprene grip suitable for small to medium-weight cameras.  

Miller Carbon Fibre Monopod

Edirol VC-300HD Up/Down/Cross Converter

The Edirol VC-300HD is a versatile bi-directional multi-format converter with built-in audio delay and HDMI compatibility.

Frame Synchroniser/Up/Down/Cross Converter

Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 EF DXII AT zoom lens

Tokina ultra-wide angle zoom lens with fast F2.8 aperture throughout the range.  Supplied with Canon EF lens mount.  It is ideal for professionals shooting in low light conditions who want a limited wide angle range.

Canon EF Mount 11-16/F2.8 EF DXII AT-X PRO 11 zoom

Go Pro Hero4+ Black Edition Minicam 4K

Mini waterproof almost indestructable minicam with grip accessories kit and on-board record and 4K mode too. Pal and NTSC switchable.

Go Pro Hero4+ Minicam hire | Go Pro Hero3 Camera

Zeiss 28mm T2.0 ZF Distagon Prime

28mm T2.0 ZF Distagon SLR prime wide angle lens Nikon mount.  Lens adapter Nikon ZF to Canon EOS available

Zeiss 35mm T2.0 ZF Distagon Prime

35mm T2.0 ZF Distagon SLR prime wide angle lens Nikon mount.  Lens adapter Nikon ZF to Canon EOS available

Zeiss 21mm T2.9 ZF Distagon Prime

21mm T2.9 ZF Distagon SLR prime wide angle lens Nikon mount.  Lens adapter Nikon ZF to Canon EOS available

ZEISS ZF Distagon/Planar DSLR Set (21-85mm) DECLICKED

Declicked Carl Zeiss DSLR Prime set ZF Distagon/ZF Planar Nikon or Canon EOS Mount.  Set includes: 21/T2.9, 28/T2.0, 35/T2.0, 50/T1.4 and 85/T1.4

Nikon or Canon Mount

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