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Full Range of Sigma Primes and Zooms Arrived

The full range of Sigma primes and zooms have landed at VMI and they are now ready to hire.  

All are rated for full 4K resolution and include clear focus scaling, film gear pitch follow focus rings, are fully manual throughout and the build quality is first class, featuring a 9-blade aperture diaphragm for a beautiful full rounded bokeh.  VMI carries the full range of 7 x Sigma cine primes (14-135mm) and 3 x zooms which cover S-35 and also  Full Frame (FF) format.  

Make no mistake, these lenses are solidly built and have been designed from scratch by Sigma.  They are not simply an adaptation of their stills lens range.  Focus breathing is minimised and the lenses look, feel and behave like you expect quality film lenses to.  

Although Sigma manufacture these lenses in PL mount, E mount and EF Mount, to begin with, VMI will offer all focal lengths in EF mount only, enabling compatibility with all cameras featuring an EF mount (including Full Frame cameras too) without the need for an adapter.  They are also compatible with Sony A7S, FS5, FS7, F5/F55 and other cameras with a suitable lens adapter (Metabones etc). 

VMI expect to take delivery of the PL versions of the Sigma Cine lenses during 2018.

Note that due to the weight of all of these lenses and the inherent strength limitation of the EF lens mount, it is crucial to support each lens using the supplied custom support during use.

Sigma Cine Primes.  20-85/T1.5 plus 14mm & 135mm/T2

Sigma's prime range includes seven lenses from 14mm-135mm and includes the basic five lens package 20-85mm which all feature a very fast T1.5 and cover both Full Frame (FF Φ43.3) and also S35.  The 14mm and 135mm are T2 and are available to hire separately from the main set.

Please read the independent IMAGO review of the Sigma lenses here.

Main Features

SIGMA Cine FF Prime Set (20-85mm/T1.5) 5-lens package (EOS mount)

The flagship Sigma 5 lens prime set with extremely fast (T1.5) 18-85mm prime lenses.

 - Sigma 20mm/T1.5 FF Prime.  Close Focus 27cm/11"  

 - Sigma 24mm/T1.5 FF Prime.  Close Focus 25cm/10"  

 - Sigma 35mm/T1.5 FF Prime.  Close Focus 30cm/1'

 - Sigma 50mm/T1.5 FF Prime.  Close Focus 40cm/1'4"  

 - Sigma 85mm/T1.5 FF Prime.  Close Focus 85cm/2'10"  




SIGMA Cine FF 14mm Prime (EOS mount)

 - Sigma 14mm/T2 FF Prime.  Close Focus 27cm/11"  









SIGMA Cine FF 135mm Prime (EOS mount)

 - Sigma 135mm/T2 FF Prime.  Close Focus 27cm/11"   







Sigma Cine Zoom Lenses

Sigma have three zooms in their range, which work over short ranges but are very fast (T2 and T2.2-T16).

Clients always want lenses which work over a large useful range and which are fast (have a large aperture), so that they can work in low light and they also want them to be low cost as well... but the science of manufacturing lenses, means that these are conflicting demands.  Sigma have elected to make 3 x compact zoom lenses which operate with a maximum iris of T2 and T2.2.  Being small and lightweight, they are portable and fast, so they can work in low light but the trade-off is that they operate over reasonably short focal ranges.

The performance however is fantastic, especially at their price and Imago have written a very comprehensive technical review of the 18-35 and 50-100 zooms here.

The 18-35 and 50-100/T2 work in S-35 format and are compact and lightweight.

Their range also includes a 24-35/T2.2 which also covers Full Frame format (FF Φ43.3) and S-35.

Main Features


SIGMA S-35 Coverage Zoom Lenses

SIGMA 18-35mm/T2 Cine Zoom (EOS mount)

 - Sigma 18-35/T2 Cine Zoom  Close Focus 27cm/11"   

 - T2 Consistent aperture over entire zoom range

 - Covers Super 35 Sensor Sizes

 - Weighs Only 1.45kg.





​SIGMA 50-100mm/T2 Cine Zoom (EOS mount)

 - Sigma 50-100/T2 Cine Zoom  Close Focus 95cm/3'2"   

 - T2 Consistent aperture over entire zoom range

 - Covers Super 35 Sensor Sizes

 - Weighs Only 1.89kg.



Shoot with a pair of T2 zooms instead of Primes

Since the 18-35 and 50-100 are both T2, why not consider shooting with a pair of zooms, instead of a box of primes?  With only 2 quality lenses to choose from, this might be a quicker option to consider. 

Sigma Sigma_Cinema Zoom Pair (18-35mm & 50-100 T2 EF)





SIGMA FULL FRAME Coverage Zoom Lenses

This is Sigma's cine zoom which offers S-35 and Full Frame coverage (FF Φ43.3)

​SIGMA 24-35mm/T2.2 FF Cine Zoom (EOS mount)

 - Sigma 24-35/T2.2 FF Cine Zoom  Close Focus 27cm/11"   

 - T2 Consistent aperture over entire zoom range

 - Covers Super 35 Sensor Sizes

 - Weighs Only 1.45kg.


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