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What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is important new legislation in the area of data protection. Developed by the European Union, it’s designed to strengthen individuals’ rights regarding the collection, use and storage of their personal data.

The law applies to businesses or organisations in the European Union. Those outside the EU who offer goods and services (whether paid or not) to people living within the EU, or monitor their behavior, must also comply.

In effect, GDPR has become the global standard for data protection.

So what counts as Personal Data?

Any data that can be used to identify a living person directly or indirectly is classed as personal data.
For example:

VMI only stores the minimum amount of data necessary for business operations and in depth data is only kept for internal staff.

What information does VMI.TV collect about me?

Your choices about data we collect

What is Sensitive Personal Data?

Sensitive personal data is a special class of personal data that has to be even more carefully handled. It includes factors such as:

VMI never stores this type of data.

What rights do data subjects have under GDPR?

As explained by the ICO, data subjects have the following rights concerning their personal data:

The GDPR refers a lot to data processing. This simply refers to any operation that is performed on personal data – collection, storage, amendment, deletion etc.

VMI's commitment to GDPR


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