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Alexa Plus Camera Kit for Sale

VMI is selling an ex-rental Alexa Plus camera kit, complete with full power kit and integrated 3-axis wireless lens control system.

This became the industry standard Drama and feature digital film camera capable of recording up to 120p onto SxS Cards in Prores 4:2:2 and incorporating a RAW output.

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ARRI Alexa Plus Camera

The ARRI Alexa Plus camera is the same camera as ARRI Alexa, except it allows ARRI Wireless lens control systems to integrate into the camera without the need for a separate LCS 'brain' to be connected.  It also includes 2 x HD-SDI outputs instead of 1 as standard.

Integrated Wireless Lens Control System

This 3-axis wireless lens control controls zoom, focus and iris and 2 hand controllers and UMC-3 external 'brain' (for use with non ARRI cameras), which is a facility only seen on the most expensive systems.

Note that this system will integrate with the ARRI Alexa Plus and Alexa Mini cameras, so no external ‘brain’ is required and the motors can be directly connected to the camera body for elegance.

An important advantage of the system is the Lens Data Display can instantly show all respective data on a comfortable display e.g. the respective depth of field. Non LDS - lenses can be equipped with the Lens Data Mount to integrate with the system.

The system can be operated via radio or remotely controlled via a cable.

2 x Anton Bauer Battery Kits included

Anton Bauer have been the standard battery supplier for the TV Industry for many years and this package includes two sets of 5 x  Anton Bauer Cine 90 batteries (10 in total), charger and hot-swap adapter. 

These were purchased in 2016 and we will warrant that they will deliver at least 80% of new capacity. 

Note that the Hot Swap adapter allows 2 x batteries to be fitted simultaneously and batteries to be changed without powering down the cameras.

Historic Purchase price: £76,700.

Used price: £10,500+VAT

This package can be supplied on demand for approval and 3 months credit is offered on the sale to creditworthy customers.

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