VMI Hosts Successful Ronin 4D Workshops

VMI continues with is new post-COVID 2022 workshop season with three bespoke Ronin 4D workshops held at West London College’s Studio in Ealing Green and also at the Cleveland Arms … Read more

Our 2021 Carbon Emissions to be fully offset

Whilst offsetting isn’t quite the same as not emitting CO2 in the first place, it is nevertheless a start!

By measuring all our employee commutes we will be able to analyse the difference in emissions impact between homeworking and office working and adjust our policies where we can.

We will be offsetting all the commutes measured and indeed all of the CO2 which our audit calculates that we were responsible for.

Bristol Building Insulation Programme

The Bristol facility is being fully insulated and fitted with triple-glazed roof lights.

We don’t know exactly how much CO2e this will save yet, but if it saves 33% of natural gas emissions, it could save nearly 2 tonnes of CO2e.

In building projects like this, VMI require that builders only use timber from sustainable (managed) forests and when tendering for the work contractors must show their sustainability protocols.

That's all!

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