VMI’s Green Credentials in the news

The Guild of Television Camera Professionals has written an article on our green credentials. Alison Chapman of the GTC said VMI was “the best example we have found of a company within the industry really committing to this in a thorough and thoughtful way is GTC sponsor VMI, which has already introduced many sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.”

We did it! Superheroes raised over £60K in past 3 years to make world landmine-free

2019 was the final year of the Superheroes ride which actually also attracted the most sponsors for our Superheroes ride so far with 85 sponsors!

We were able to raise over £25,000 for MAG, who save people from landmines.

[8 intrepid Superheroes, en-route to Amsterdam on the final ride of the 3-year Superheroes campaign. From the left, pictured are: Steve Baxter, Darren Cock, Adam Rodgers, Yevgeny Subbotin, Barry Bassett, Ali Wilson, Daniel Layne, Peter Withers]

Jay Beats Cancer

We are so pleased that Jay Patel, who has worked with the driving team of VMI for almost 15 years, has managed to totally beat Pancreatic Cancer against the odds. … Read more

We’ve been super busy-busy

VMI has been busy-busy over the past 12 months and have supplied camera equipment for 17 drama series, 5 x Natural History Series, plus several features, promos, commercials,corporates and feature films. … Read more

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