VMI Awards Best Short Film at KIFF 2024

Karen Bryson’s film “Monochromatic” won the VMI Best Short Film award at the Kingston International Film Festival (KIFF) in June 2024. VMI has been a proud partner of KIFF since 2022 and continued their support this year by sponsoring the Best Short Film category at the festival, which took place from June 21-23 in Kingston upon Thames.

KIFF showcases a diverse selection of films from established and emerging filmmakers worldwide, using venues such as the Rose Theatre, the Odeon, and Curzon Cinemas. The festival also features workshops led by industry leaders, including VMI’s Managing Director, Barry Bassett, who presented a talk on “Shooting on a Shoestring.”

“Monochromatic” is set in 1970s London and follows a young girl of colour as she becomes aware of racial bias. The film includes real footage from a 1977 National Front March and aims to provoke self-reflection in its audience regarding personal biases and the impact of societal influences.

David Harewood, known for his role in “Supergirl,” joined the project as an executive producer, supporting Bryson’s directorial debut. The film was made possible by the Goldfinch Female First Flights Short Film Fund. The cinematography was led by Tristan Chenais, with production by Shakyra Dowling and Lorraine Bhattachary, and featured performances by Kenedy McCallam Martin and Stephanie Levi John.

Bryson, who received an MBE for her contributions to drama in 2017, is known for her roles in “Shameless,” “White Wall,” “Black Narcissus,” and the BBC series “The Split.” As part of the award, she also receives a VMI voucher for equipment hire worth £2,000. Congratulations Karen Bryson!

[Image: VMI.TV AWARD FOR BEST SHORT FILM Winner: Karen Bryson – Monochromatic
Accepted by Cristina Barrillari Presented by Barry Bassett, Managing Director, VMI.TV Ltd]

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