VMI’s Scalable Portable AC Power Station

Without local site power or polluting generators, until now, your options were limited.  Either you could use portable battery stations with limited capacity or expensive, heavy systems, (some were so large, that they were built into a trailer).  However a new cost-effective modular and scalable option now exists, which uses small, portable battery power stations connected to a hotswap device featuring an auto changeover feature to offer uninterrupted power across multiple batteries to extend their performance.

Instagrid Link in use
Instagrid Link with 3 batteries in hot-swap mode

The 240V AC Power Station

Consider these as having a mains socket in the field, enabling the powering of video villages and high-power lighting but instead of using a generator, you use a large battery that you can carry. This marked a significant leap in convenience and efficiency for film and video production crews, as one battery could now deliver up to 3.6KW of sustained power from a single location power station battery.

Whereas none of our conventional batteries were able to supply sufficient power to light an Aputure or Nanlight 1200, a power station battery like an Instagrid One or EcoFlow Delta was now able to power it for 2-3 hours on full power. Impressive.

That’s great, providing you only need a powerful light for perhaps 2-3 hours but what if you need more than this?

Instagrid LINK Solution

For these applications, VMI stock the new Instagrid LINK, which allows up to 3 x Instagrid 2.1KWh Instagrid AC batteries to be connected and work together to effectively create a single 6.3KWh battery in order to create a new ‘virtual’ 6.3KWh mega AC battery small enough to wheel around on a regular film trolley.

This allows up to 3 x 2.1KWh Instagrid AC batteries to be connected and work together to create a new ‘virtual’ 6.3KWh mega battery capable of 3.6KW output, using batteries which individually only weight 20KG.

The combination would weigh 65KG which is small enough to wheel around on a regular film trolley and best of all, you can swap out empty batteries with full ones whilst in use, meaning that the battery capacity is limited only by the number of charged batteries you have brought to location.

  • 3.6KW sustained output.
  • Continuous power across multiple batteries.
  • Up to 6.3KWh at any one time and extend this indefinitely by hot swapping additional Instagrid batteries

Best of all, VMI’s electricity is 100% from its own solar 55KW of PV solar panels and topped up from renewables, so all batteries hired from us have zero emissions.

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