Gabrielle Alexander-Wolfe Wins VMI Award for Best Cinematography at University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth proudly announces that Gabrielle Alexander-Wolfe has been awarded the annual VMI Award for Best Cinematography for 2024. Gabrielle’s exceptional work on the regency short film Until Today has earned her this prestigious recognition.

Until Today, a 15-minute film, explores themes of young love, family duty, and female agency. Set in the regency era, the narrative follows Georgiana, who, with no male heir to inherit the family estate, faces immense pressure to secure the Arrenby legacy through an advantageous marriage. However, her heart belongs to Abigail, her lifelong friend. In a time when societal norms forbade love between two women, Georgiana must choose between societal expectations and a genuine life with the woman she loves.

As the Director of Photography, Gabrielle Alexander-Wolfe masterfully brought this poignant story to life. Her keen eye and innovative techniques captivated the audience, effectively transporting them to Regency era England. Her visual storytelling was pivotal in creating a world that reflected both the physical and social intricacies of the time.

“Shooting this film was such a great and enjoyable experience,” Gabrielle shared. “I loved working at such a large scale, surrounded by a super talented crew. I’ve learnt a lot during this project, and once I’ve graduated in July 2024, I am actively working towards and hoping for work as a Camera Trainee.”

Gabrielle’s lecturer, Riyadh Haque, a professional filmmaker, praised her work, saying, “Until Today demonstrates a considerate and sophisticated rendition of the period drama with a substantial amount of world-building. The forbidden relationship refracts through contemporary prejudices to create a relevant and emotive viewing experience. Gabbi’s camerawork has developed immeasurably. It is not just the mise-en-scene or costuming that does the heavy lifting; it is the precision of the DoP as a visual storyteller. Each frame builds to an inevitable crescendo of aesthetic pleasure. The camera movement, the depth of field, the command over the frame is utterly transfixing.”

Gabrielle Alexander-Wolfe’s accomplishment with Until Today highlights her remarkable talent and promising future in cinematography and wins a voucher for £1,000 of camera hire. Her award-winning work not only sets a high bar for her peers but also marks her as a rising star in the film industry, so watch out for Gabbi in the future!

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