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VMEDIA, VMIs camera storage rental division has increased its rental range to now also stock camera batteries for hire.

VMEDIA , better known for its rental stock of large CFAST and XQD cards, RED Mini Mags and SSDs, realised that there was a gap in the market to hire out camera batteries.  Many crews are now flying with their kit but leaving their batteries at home, as a consequence of the IATA imposing stricter rules on air transport of Lithium-ion batteries.

Specifically, VMEDIA aim to offer solutions for crews:

  • High Capacity Batteries allowing long run times
  • Compact ‘flightsafe’ batteries to make air travel easier
  • 24/28V battery solutions for compact high-capacity location lighting.

High Capacity Batteries for long run times

For crews requiring high performance batteries to permit long run times, VMI stocks the latest 150WH batteries by Hawkwoods and Anton Bauer.

The demand for 4K images, highly accessorised camera kits, large monitors and powerful LED lighting brings an insatiable desire for more location power and with this, longer run times as well.  

Whilst battery technology has not developed at the same rate as camera technology, the next generation batteries have arrived and can offer new solutions to a growing problem.

Consequently, VMEDIA now stocks Anton Bauer and Hawkwoods’ latest batteries to assist crews.

Flight-safe batteries for easy air travel

The Hawkwoods Mini V-Lok 98 WH batteries are graded flight safe so airlines ought to allow unlimited batteries for carry-on, however, please read the VMEDIA article IATA Guidelines on air transport of Lithium-ion batteries on how the new rule changes has far reaching implications for air travel.

Whilst individual airlines may still interpret IATA rules differently and impose their own standards and limits on passengers, at VMI/VMEDIA, we provide laminated cards with QR codes to help you if you face an impasse with a customs official trying to play it safe.

VMEDIA Power Solutions

These new battery solutions offer both enhanced reliability, specification and ease of travel and to this, VMEDIA presently offer four solutions for producers.

VMEDIA Now stock:

  • Anton Bauer 150XT 150WH battery kits for long run times and high power output
  • Hawkwoods 98WH ‘flightsafe’ Mini V-Lok kits with unlimited carry-on for air travel
  • Hawkwoods 150WH Mini V-Lok kits, capable of upto 300W power output
  • Choice of V-Lok or Goldmount hotswap clips for Mini VLok battery kits
  • 28V power solutions for lights with lightweight camera batteries giving high power output

1. Hawkwoods Mini V-Lok 98WH ‘flightsafe’

Graded flight safe so airlines ought to allow unlimited batteries for carry-on, these are perfect for air travel.

Even if you aren’t travelling by air, the Mini V-Lok 98 batteries offer the same performance as a regular Anton Bauer 90XT battery in a mini V-Lok case.  They are supplied with a double V-Lok clip, so hot-swap battery changes and long run times are standard and you can enjoy a sustained 16A/230W of power in a very small and lightweight form factor. 

To put this into context, a pair of Hawkwoods Mini V-Lok 98 batteries power a Phantom VEO 4K camera for over 3 hours.

The VMEDIA 98WH Mini V-Lok kit includes 5 batteries, dual hot-swap clip (to goldmount of V-Lock) and 2 dual chargers as standard.

2. Hawkwoods Mini V-Lok 150

Whilst these batteries are still small in size, they offer very serious power capacity – the same performance as a Dionic 150 XT or V-Lok 150WH battery but fitting in a mini V-Lok case and weighing just 710g. 

However, by incorporating a double hot-swap clip, not only can you avoid powering down during battery changes but you also achieve twice the capacity of a single battery and share the load across both batteries.  This means that the batteries don’t have to work too hard and you actually achieve twice the power output.

A pair of Mini V-Lok 150 batteries offer a maximum of 20A/300W power draw in a small, lightweight unit.

VMEDIA 150WH Mini V-Lok kits includes 4 batteries, dual hot-swap clip (to goldmount or V-Lock) and 2 dual chargers as standard.

These are rated ‘flightsafe’ too, so you are allowed to carry 2 as part of your carry-on luggage plus a 3rd connected to the camera, rather than unlimited batteries as per the 98HW battery.

3. Anton Bauer 150WH batteries

Anton Bauer is the gold standard of power and the latest Dionic 150XT batteries do not disappoint with many new safety innovations and features built into the new cell technology.  This brings both greater reliability and safety.

Fitted with a goldmount battery clip, the 150WH batteries can supply a sustained a maximum power draw of 12A (160W) or up to 20A for 2 second inrush – enough for a serious Drama kit.

These are rated ‘flightsafe’ too, so as with the Hawkwoods 150WH batteries, you are allowed to carry 2 as part of your carry-on luggage plus a third connected to the camera.

4 x Anton Bauer 150XT batteries with Anton Bauer TM4 charger are supplied in the standard kit. 

4. Hawkwoods 28V Dual V-Lok Spigot-mounted Lighting Power Solution – SPG-2898WH and hotswap.

While modern LED lighting can increasingly be operated with battery power, only the smallest fixtures can work effectively using portable 12V batteries.  As LED lighting becomes more powerful, so too are the power demands with 24V, 28V and 48V batteries increasingly common for lighting applications.

Large Cine-block and dumb block batteries satisfy this requirement but these aren’t very portable clients often request smaller batteries which are easier to transport and VMEDIA can now offer a solution here for 24V and 28V appilcations.

VMEDIA offers a tripod spigot adapter to fit to the lighting stand, onto which 2 x pairs of Mini V-Lok batteries can be fitted (when used with double V-Lok adapter clips), to conveniently mount 4 x high specification batteries to give a 24V/28V XLR-3 output to power suitable location lights with long run times. 

Spigot adapters are compatible with all 16mm – 5/8″ light stands and C-stands and no clamps are required to mount unit.
Note that 28mm spigot solutions will be offered shortly.

4 x 150WH Mini V-Lok batteries will have the capacity of 600WH, which is the capacity of a regular cine-block battery.

A Dual V-Lok spigot mounted battery kit, complete with 2 x dual Mini V-Lok clips and 4 x 150WH Mini V-locks will power:

  • 150W output of Kino Celeb 250 2’x1’ fixture for 3-4 hours.
  • 325W output of a Litepanel Gemini 2’x1’ for 1.5 hours
  • 450W output of an ARRI Skypanel for over 1 hour.

VMEDIA can provide either spigot adapters to work to either V-Lok or Goldmount, depending on batteries being used.

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