VMI runs successful Phantom Workshops

VMI ran a series of 6 Phantom Super Slow Motion workshops in London in late May to teach Cinematographers and Operators how to shoot in super slow motion with the latest super slow motion cameras.

In all, over 50 camera operators received instruction to be able to use the new Phantom VEO 4K Super Slow Motion cameras, which are capable of capturing 1000fps of 4K RAW media and also how to use the PCU-2E wireless remote control, which allows full remote control of all functions with a 100m (300ft) range.

Demonstrations of smashing fruit, biscuits and bursting water balloons at 1000 and 1976fps were made. 

Delegates were run through the full operating instructions of the Phantom VEO 4K camera, covering such concepts as gate angle, depth of field, global vs rolling shutter, different types of lighting and lighting strategies. 

Wireless operation is also a very important concept when using the Phantom VEO 4K, so visitors were also shown how to operate the Abel Cine PCU2+ remote control unit as this unit will allow the camera to be mounted in a hide, on a jib, crane, gimbal or drone and operated from a distance.  However, most of the time, it functions to permit the DP to be at the main client monitor with the client/Director, and then control the camera, transfer media and play, trim and transfer clips without crowding around the camera.

Barry also demonstrated how easy it was to trim captured clips and then transfer the media to internal CFast-2 cards, then load these onto a laptop and use the Phantom Camera Control Application Software to render clips to h.264 codec.

Barry then ran through the workflow strategies of using the camera at its best by partitioning the internal 72GB of superfast memory into effectively smaller internal drives, so that each memory partition can act like a separate memory store allowing the user to record multiple takes, transfer a trimmed clip to CFast card and simultaneously trim another clip, all at the same time.  Good workflow is key to using the VEO

Also being demonstrated for the first time was the new Chronos 1.4 budget Super Slow Motion camera which whilst not capable ot 4K quality, can nevertheless capture images in 1057fps in 1280×1024 resolution or up to 2,800fps in 800×600 resolution, which makes it amply suited to instragram-type applications – especially since it only costs £220 per day to rent.

Lots of fruit was smashed and water balloons burst and fun was had – see for yourself from the videos!

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