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First commercial for ARRI AMIRA

First commercial for ARRI AMIRA

In terms of cameras, Adjust Your Set’s first option is usually the ARRI Alexa. Its class leading image quality and intuitive controls has made it the camera of choice for feature films, drama and all high end TV production. The Alexa’s high resolution will give it the edge for certain productions and its layout is well suited to shoots with a full crew. But for a web video, it’s a luxury that might be hard to justify.

“Our DOPs love working with the Alexa but for a 2-day shoot in multiple locations and a limited budget, we usually have to opt for a DSLR. But for this production for a well-known fashion retailer, we wanted a very stylized, graded high end look and knew that an ARRI would deliver the best results.” Begins producer Zoë Waller.
Early discussions with VMI brought up the possibility of using the ARRI Amira. Zoë continues: “I have to admit, we were really excited to be one of the first to use the camera but we had to be sure it would deliver the results. So we undertook a test afternoon before taking the plunge.”

The film promotes a back to school range of children’s clothes, with the aim of appealing to the parents. The crew created a modern twist on Grange Hill, with the shoot taking place in a school, a suburban house and in a domestic back garden.

“Two things stood out with the Amira,” Zoë surmises. “Firstly, the Log-C files are pretty much identical to Alexa’s HD. They grade superbly in DaVinci to give us exactly the look we wanted. Secondly, its lighter weight made it very agile during the shoot and easy to transport from location to location.”
The question now is would the producer go back to the Alexa?

“It’s a conundrum we will face but I think most DOPs’ first choice will still be the Alexa. But the Amira certainly fills the gap for a truly professional, mid-priced system with no compromise in image quality.” Concludes Zoë.

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