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Move towards paradise with FS100/700

Move towards paradise with FS100/700

What is happiness? The four protagonists of Hide and Seek, are certain that modern urban living is no nirvana. They find life endlessly alienating and woefully unfulfilling, filled with uncomfortable encounters with former lovers and unstimulating careers. City dwelling is isolating, full of taunts, loneliness and lethargy.

Is there an escape from this dismal reality? Director Joanna Coates’ feature film explores the search for a more satisfying, carefree existence.

With a limited budget, producer Daniel Metz sets much of the film in an English country house, interspersed with scenes captured outside in public spaces. The action alternates between indoor domestic settings, sultry low light scenes and mid-summer outdoor shots. This called for a versatile camera that could record the brightest highlights and cope with scenes lit by the faintest glow of a fire.

DOP Ben Hecking opted for a Sony FS-100 camera system, paired with 35mm, 50mm and 85mm Sony prime lenses. With its low weight and strong HD performance, it outperformed the DSLR, ENG and other small system cameras the crew considered.
“We tested a number of cameras at VMI’s London facility.” Says Daniel Metz. “The team was extremely helpful in showing us the capabilities of each system and helping us create a kit that met our budget.”

As the plot develops, the four young urbanites move to the country and engage in an experimental coterie, involving sexual liberation, partner swapping and co-existing harmoniously in close quarters.
“It’s a very spiritual piece that explores conflict, emotion and relationships. For this we needed a subtle camera that could allow the actors to express themselves and not get in the way. Whether it’s the bright outdoor shots or the scene set in a darkened room illuminated only by a flickering flame, the camera performed superbly. We think the results are beautiful. We’d definitely use the FS-100 again.” Comments Metz.

As the dream starts to disintegrate, the static camera and domestic lighting combine to give the production a naturalistic intensity, where the focus is purely on the actors and their predicament.
“We wanted to create a modern art house look, where the high production values help the audience focus on the characters and their emotions. We didn’t want it to look like a micro-budget film where technical deficiencies impact on the story telling. The FS-100 allowed us to avoid the tell-tale signs of low-cost independent production, like blown highlights, poor shadow detail and unsubtle colours.” Concludes Metz.

DOP Hecking recorded on-board, with the files transcoded to ProRes 422 for grading in post.

Hide and Seek Trailer from Joanna Coates on Vimeo.


Hide and Seek has just been announced winner of the Michael Powell award for Best British Feature at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. It premieres at the festival this summer.

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