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Bolt and MoVI on the Run

Bolt and MoVI on the Run

“The days of having to lay track for this kind of shoot are long gone.” Says DOP Paul Broadrick.

The commercial video for Jabra’s new sports headphone required a fast moving and agile rig. He turned to the MoVI M10 and Teradek’s Bolt to give him the flexibility and speed he needed. Whether jogging through a wood, running along a beach or delivering dynamic shots within a warehouse, the combination proved well matched.

“The MoVI is pretty easy to get to grips with. We had initial training from VMI which covered all the basics of set up and use as this was the first time the crew had shot with the device. The operators ‘got it’ straight away – and the results are awesome.” He notes.

With the camera and subject now free to roam, Broadrick needed to track the action and check for focus remotely. He selected Teradek’s Bolt to transmit full quality video to his field monitor.

“Its zero latency and full resolution pictures made it no different quality-wise to using a wired set up. But with Bolt, there was no concern about running out of cables or tripping over wires. The crew could be 150 feet away from me and the device still sent pictures back in real-time.” Broadrick continues.

With the Bolt / MoVI combination, the crew could move and shoot virtually at will. Pre-production planning was reduced, meaning that more time could be spent framing and capturing the shots the client wanted.

There was one caveat, however, as the DOP explains:

“Even though we used a fairly light Canon C300, the M10 rig is no featherweight. The two operators took it in turns to shoot, alternately taking a rest between takes.”

Paul shot using a MoVI M10 equipped with Zeiss CP2 primes, Axis 1 remote follow focus and Teradek Bolt Pro wireless link,


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