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Lorenz, Set Me Free

Lorenz, Set Me Free

BigHead Media certainly brought the magic of lenses to bear on their recent promo video Lorenz, Set me Free.

Says Producer/ Director Martin Pickering “We wanted to make the video look as if it had been shot on film, since the video budget was way below the massive cost of film. Our DoP Thomas English used film lenses and a zoom lens, so that everything just past the subject was out of focus, giving it a film-like depth of field.”

“This fooled some of those who saw the rushes into thinking it had actually been shot on film. That’s why I love High Definition: it brings the cost of production right down, and if you shoot it right, it looks amazing. We were shooting at 60 frames a second for true slow-motion, which also looked great. But you couldn’t shoot that much at that frame rate on film, because it would cost the earth.”

Says Thomas:” I used a cine-style HJ21 lens, which is more effective than the video version. And I never shot anything below 20mm on the zoom. So I was using long lenses, which shrink down the background and drop the depth of field right down, simulating the depth of field rendered by a 35mm gate.. That is actually quite difficult to do with SteadyCam, and requires a lot of concentration.”

“I underexposed everything by half a stop, to give the grade enough to work with regarding the highlights, enabling us to simulate the range of exposure you normally only get from film. I kept the lighting soft, with a hard kicker, using a frost where I would have used a hard light on film, to enable the video to cope better.”

Lighting was another key aspect, and the production was lucky to have Dave Dehaan, who boasts Space Odyssey 2001 among his credits.

Says Dave: “ You just need to light High Definition like film, and you get the right result.”

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