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Crack It With Egg Stink Productions Commercial

Crack It With Egg Stink Productions Commercial

When London based Stink Productions were commissioned to produce a series of commercials for the new Egg card, producer Juliet Naylor said “the production team were faced with many, creative and technical challenges”.

These commercials were directed by Ne-O at Stink, who when looking at the project chose the HD Varicam because he had had some experience with it in the past. Stink then went to VMI for the HD Varicam they needed, Richie Lichfield said that VMI were delighted to be able to supply Stink productions with their HD Varicam and help with anything else that was needed.

Ne-O went on to say that “we used HD Varicam for the green screen elements of guinea pigs because they where shooting a lot of footage and needed it to be in slow motion.” He was very pleased that they were able to shoot the guinea-pig elements at a high resolution for post work. Julia and Ne-O also made a great saving by using this method, as the cost of shooting so much slow motion footage, they found, was cheaper than on film. Another interesting point brought up by the production team was that the HD Varicam provides clean enough images for reasonable keying compared to other HD cameras.

“Whilst working on projects such as the Egg commercial we are aware that the look is very important, and in this case the look was good enough to compete with the 35 film elements we had shot for the guinea pig bodies” said Julia and Ne-O.

The HD Varicam chosen by Stink productions for this series of Egg commercials did the job, the results speak for themselves, and they are happy to use this camera and VMI again for future projects.

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