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Garage Days Revisisted - pop video shot with HDX-900

Garage Days Revisisted - pop video shot with HDX-900

MC Bonez and DJ Q’s latest hit, ‘You Wot’ was shot using Panasonic P2 technology hired from VMI shot on an HDX-900 by Flynn Productions.

“It was a single day shoot of 14-18 hours and we shot all over East London,” recalls Flynn’s Mikey Levelle, “so it was a long day.”

Choice of camera was an important consideration with shooting HD at variable framerates.

“A filmic look is important, so 99.9% of the time we use Primes or the PRO35 adaptor for the lenses, but the thing about HD is saving time and money in Post,” says Levelle. “You can just transfer your rushes into Avid of Final Cut Pro and just get on with it; you don’t have to go through all the processing and the one lights and what have you with the neg.”

Levelle has shot with P2 before, using an HDX-200 at the start of the year, but this time round could shoot using the newer 16GB cards. “We were using the FireStore drives and the P2 memory reader in January and we were constantly swapping cards and uploading into Final Cut as we went along. It’s good because you can see your rushes there and then, but it’s nice to have larger memory cards to you can lay it all off, take it out and transfer your rushes at the end of the shoot.”

His recommendation is not to stint on the storage you use when shooting P2. “If you only have a couple of small cards you can start to fall behind and people start worrying about what’s on the cards and what’s not,” he says. “But with the larger memory ones now you can just truck on and not worry.”

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