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RED reaches an Epiphany

RED reaches an Epiphany

‘Epiphany’ is a four and a half minute short from Looking Glass Films in which a young woman called Jenny, in conversation with her psychiatrist, suddenly reaches a profound realisation. Saying anything more would give the game away, but what we can tell you is that it was shot on a RED ONE camera hired from VMI and director Darin McLeod is highly impressed with the way it works.

“It gives you a good chance to play with things,” he says. “You can do stuff in camera and make the film appear the way you think you want it in the grade, but you never get locked into that because it’s just metadata sitting on top of the RAW files. Anything you do with the image can be undone. All in all I think it’s a brilliant camera.”

According to producer Mary Hare, the choice of RED was a simple, pragmatic one, as they needed two cameras to shoot one scene and DoP Benedict Spence was already planning to shoot with his own unit. “We knew that matching formats would save us a lot of angst and a lot of cost in post,” she says.

It all nearly didn’t happen though, as with everything booked to shoot over a weekend the production’s original hire company let them down at the very last minute. Which is the point at which VMI stepped in.

“I phoned VMI at 14.45 on a Friday afternoon asking to hire a camera for the weekend, and within 20 minutes they were able to confirm they could provide us with one,” says a pleased Hare. “Personally, I think that was a phenomenal piece of support from a company, especially as we had no existing relationship at that time.”

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