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Tic-Tac: WCRS

Tic-Tac: WCRS

When it came to producing a range of eight different slots for an online Tic-Tac campaign, Shaun Dyos, from top agency WCRS, had no hesitation in hiring a Panasonic HPX-500 from VMI.

“I know P2 cards work well from experience,” he comments. “It’s a nice workflow and a reliable one. File-based working is an initial leap of faith, but once you’ve made it, it’s quite reassuring working with these cameras. They provide good images and you don’t have to pay the Earth to be working on HD on the post side of things.”

The slots called for actors dressed as Tic-Tacs to perform in front of a greenscreen, another reason for choosing the HPX-500 as the wide colour gamut of the camera enables operators to get a good key in post. The camera worked excellently on the shoot, Dyos pronouncing himself very happy with the image quality. “The main problem with the shoot was to stop the actors perspiring to death in those suits,” he says.

"It’s also very handy to be able to load the material onto a laptop from the cards to check if it's going to line up in the edit," he adds.

Also handy is the working relationship with VMI. “They’re really good,” enthuses Dyos. “They’re very proactive in keeping you up to date and are incredibly knowledgeable, which as the technology gets more complex is a very useful thing to be able to fall back on.”

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