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The Other Side, Feature.  Sony F3

The Other Side, Feature. Sony F3

Nick Moran of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels fame recently starred in a slick new short horror film directed by The Santoro Brothers. The production was shot on a variety of cameras, including four Sony PMW-F3s hired from London hire house VMI.TV.

Written by Ben Scott, Joshua Van Hooke and Jeremy Drysdale, the The Other Side follows a young nanny caring for a child in a secluded house. It's the perfect setting for a production that was described by one reviewer as “incredibly gritty, violent and bloody.”

The Sony F3s, coupled with VMI's Zeiss lenses, were used alongside a Genesis digital cinema camera, particularly for low-light fast action scenes, including shots taken in the tight space of a Transit van. As the lighting flickers on and off and the intensity of the drama grows, the F3 was able to maintain colour fidelity and image detail to a remarkable degree. Mixing the F3 footage with other cameras using different colour spaces was a painless exercise. Director Alex Stanton notes:

“We were delighted to see the F3 4:2:2 footage matching so well with the 4:4:4 Gemini pictures. In my opinion, in the finished picture it's impossible to tell them apart.”

With as many as six cameras in use during the six-day shoot, DOP Wedigo von Schultzendorff had to juggle a variety of models, with the crew preparing cameras as the action rolled. Easy to operate and configure, the Sony cameras performed a crucial role in helping the shoot to finish on time.

With the F3s recording natively to the SxS cards, the files were speedily downloaded to an on-set laptop. “The Sony workflow from camera into post is fast and efficient; we got great results very quickly.”

The Other Side will be shown at international film festivals over the coming months.

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