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Toast Fashion Shoot.  Canon C300

Toast Fashion Shoot. Canon C300

“All the old 5D problems are gone. The quality of the pictures goes way beyond what you'd expect from a camera at this price.” Says Nick Seaton, fashion photographer and film maker who hired a Canon C300 from VMI.

Shooting for the fashion line Toast took Nick and a photographic crew out to locations as wild as the Georgian Caucasus and the heights of the Italian Apennines. Tough mountain lighting proved a good testing ground for Canon's C300 large sensor camera.

The rugged scenery for the launch of the new collection collection was selected to inspire both buyers and crew. As a brand, Toast is associated with authenticity and originality so no corners were cut in shooting in artificial light with video-friendly backdrops.

“The light was harsh at altitude but the built-in ND filters did a great job of managing the situation. And the data recorded in camera is so rich that I've been able to sort out any minor issues in post production very easily.”

As the video shoot shared the location, time and models with the stills photographers, setting up and recording shots on the run was essential. The ability to grab shots was therefore a principal reason to select the C300. Nick explains: “Ergonomically it's a leap ahead of the 5D. It's quick and easy to operate and very manageable on and off the tripod. And as a film camera first and foremost, it's good to handle: it's never in the way.”

The DOP opted for Zeiss Compact Primes because of their optical quality as well as their design that is optimised for rapid manual operation. Capturing footage at apertures of F1.8 and F2.4, Nick found the lenses performed well and the C300's built-in neutral density filters a great time- and space-saver. “I've tried Sony's FS100 which produces great pictures, but its lack of ND filters and slower operating speed make it better suited to set piece productions. For the fashion shoot, the C300 was definitely the right choice.”

Size and portability were also key considerations: “Jetting off to Georgia means leaving behind the comfort and convenience of the VMI repair shop or accessories rental. With the C300 being relatively compact, I could put all the essential kit in a backpack which I could keep with me at all times – even during the flight. This was a great comfort and a real advantage over larger models.” Nick remarks.

The images captured on-board using the flat cinema mode are now in post. Now planning to use the C300 again, the photographer concludes: “The C300 answered all the concerns I had about the 5D. It's a very refined piece of kit.

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