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Shooting Music at 4K with the PMW-F5

Shooting Music at 4K with the PMW-F5

Shooting Music at 4K

The turbulence in the music industry since the Napster revolution has changed the way artists promote their work.

“Creating a video with high production values makes all the difference, in terms of branding the artist and promoting the track on sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and” Says director Ramy Dance of Metropolis London Music.

To shoot a video for rising star Olivia Sebastianelli, Ramy selected the new Sony PMW-F5. His use of the Sony FS-100 and FS-700 gave him confidence in the F5’s abilities. He says:

“We were excited at the prospect of the camera. It was our first time with the F5 – we had followed the launch and read the specs so were keen to give 4K a road test.”

Ramy has experience with a broad range of cameras, from the DSLR and Canon EOS 300 to the Arri Alexa and the Red.

“Where budget permits, I go with Arri and the Canon has always been a great fall back. We hoped that the Sony, as a mid-priced system, would give us a third option. It didn’t disappoint in any way.”

Twinned with Carl Zeiss optics, the camera shot the video in vastly contrasting lighting conditions, from near darkness at ASA 2000 with a single Lite Panel unit to very bright sunlit scenes that demanded the use of neutral density filters. The crew endeavoured to create a particular look with use of gels:

“The results are very filmic - simply outstanding, far out-performing lower priced cameras and standing up pretty well against more prestigious models.” Adds Ramy.

He notes that although the media is large, data transfer on-set is slick. Furthermore, while the camera may be heavier than the C300, the DOP found it easy to handle on the shoulder. Finally, the post production workflow required an intermediate transcoding stage with DaVinci, but he was “absolutely delighted” with the resulting files.

“The only drawback was external monitoring. Showing a client S-LOG is never a good idea; next time we’ll look into a way of applying a LUT”. Concludes the director.

Ramy is planning to use the F5 again.

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