In December 2015, we held our 7th annual client satisfaction survey, asking all VMI clients who had hired from us in the previous 12 months exactly what they thought about us and 143 of you told us!

Most importantly, 139 of you voted VMI a whopping 4.7 on customer service (3 is average, 4 is good and 5 is excellent) and we are thrilled that you consider that we are delivering at this level!

Of those who answered, fully 93.8% of you consider VMI to be either your favourite or in one of a few favourite hire companies and 94% say that they would recommend us to others! 

All told, we had 131 fully completed questionnaires and they are summarised for you here.

They answered that we rated between good and excellent on all factors without exception and we have picked out some of these for you below from the survey.

This on-line survey was carried out independently by Constant Contact and was totally outside VMI’s control.

Of these respondents, 93.8% considered VMI to be either their preferred supplier or one of a couple of preferred suppliers.


It is important that we represent a good deal and are competitive and you confirm that we are!

VMI Clients Recommend VMI to others!

Finally, the best proof of whether we are doing a good job is whether you would recommend us to others – as you can see, overwhelmingly you would, so a big thank you from VMI for all who have contributed!

Client Comments

From this, these are some of the comments which were left – we enjoyed them so much, that we wanted to share them with you!

Stuart is a bloody legend. Very helpful and very patient when I consistently change kit 18 times before a shoot! Keep up good work…

DRP Group

The team have been very friendly and helpful 🙂

Vertical Productions

Always lovely!

Adjust Your Set

Ove the years (about 30) the Hire Co – now VMI have provided an excellent and very friendly service. I consider them to be more friends than


Generally, everyone we worked with at VMI was courteous and helpful.

Bru Productions

I have been hiring from VMI for more years than I care to remember. Always a pleasure to deal with you.   Delighted that you relocated from Dollis Hill to Acton so close to our own premises, Very handy !

 Rob Briancourt, Torpedo Factory

We love VMI and we will continue hiring from you guys. If you provide us with great prices and true go film packages by minimising the number of cases we will love you even more! Best from the Olyvon team.

Stamos Birsam, Olyvon Productions

I never expected to be so well looked after. I met Barry Basset when he first set up the business and tried to hire me his new video cameras which he said was the future back in 1996. I was still shooting music videos on film back then. Its so exciting to see how successful he has made the business today. Delighted with the team he has.

Video Depositions

Great service at VMI!

Lee Thomas, Camera Operator

My rental was my very first video shoot. Your technical expertise and advice was invaluable. Very happy with my VMI experience and will certainly be coming back if another video commission comes in.

Charles Shearn, Photographer

Special shout out to Jeff how was amazing.

Shared Syndicate Productions

I love the floatcam and the Panther flexigrip – sliders that are really good and not too expensive can really help create something with a more high end feel on a lower budget. Whereas the cheap dslr sliders tend to just make me cross because they aren’t smooth enough. So more good inexpensive slider options would be good in my view!.

 Gabi Norland, DoP

I have dealt with many different hire companies, and VMI Bristol is the best. This is due to the friendly knowledgeable staff, and absolute attention to detail with the equipment.

Thanks for helping with the Vulcan shoot. Shame it’s no longer flying otherwise I’m sure I’d be using you again. Oh, and get another courier!!”      

I found the level of customer service to be excellent and with the range of equipment available I will definitely be a repeat customer next year. Thank you again for making the process so easy!

Scot Munrow, Lightworks Productions

I really enjoy working with VMI and the customer service is great!

DMS Productions

Keep up the good work, guys. Happy Christmas!

Pourdfoot TV

The service is excellent and I found Jay the delivery driver to be extremely helpful on our last hire. Glad to be hiring from VMI for the third time in 6 months.

Chris Geden, DoP

Excellent service and a great range of kit at competitive prices.

Live Productions

Robert Brown has done a decent job!

Animal Vegitable Minearal TV

Please don’t change how VMI Bristol work, their local knowledge and skills and help are immeasurable.

Technical Hire

Jay and the rest of the team are great when we pick up equipment. Top Guys

We are Iris

I’ve dealt with Ally in London for many years and have always had a great service. He is my go to guy in London.  Just recently I’ve dealt with Jeff in Bristol. Again, very happy with the service, and now he is my go to guy in Bristol.

The Lens Foundry

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