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Equipment List - Timecode

Ambient Lockit box ACN-TL TINY

Ambient Lockit box ACN-TL TINY.

This works brilliantly in conjunction with the Lockit box ACL 204CT as a pair.

Lockit box ACN-TL TINY

Ambient Lockit box ACL 202CT/203CT

Ambient ACL 202CT/203CT Lockit Box

ACL 202CT/203CT Lockit Box

Ambient Lockit box ACL 204CT

Ambient ACL 204CT Lockit Box

This works brilliantly in conjunction with the Lockit box ACN-TL TINY as a pair.

ACL 204CT Lockit Box

Ambient Digi slate /Master Slate

Ambient ACD 301RF Master/Digital Slate Slate for use with Ambient controllers and Ambient Lockit boxes

ACD 301RF Digislate, Masterslate

Ambient Lockit Controller

Ambient ACC 1010 Lockit Controller

ACC 1010

Tentacle Sync E 3 x timecode box kit

A package of 3 x small and powerful timecode boxes, each of which are substantially smaller and lighter than the equivalent Ambient timecode boxes but work entirely differently, incorporating no built-in display but instead bluetooth connectivity to mobile phones and a small integral battery which is charged using a USB cable and offers 35 hours of operation from a single charge.

These systems offer limited functionality because they only offer a single timecode output but no genlock capability but the upside is that 35 hours of operation from one charge and a very small form factor offer both timecode lock and configuration and monitoring from a mobile phone.

Tentable Sync E Timecode Boxes

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