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RED Carbon Fibre Dragon 6K / ZF UNCOATED Distagon/Planar DSLR Set (21-85mm)

Shoot Kit 9EF- MB19/FF4/O'Connor 2575 T/S

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RED EPIC™ 6K Carbon Fibre 6K large sensor digital film camera.


Carl Uncoated Zeiss DSLR Prime Lens set (ZF Distagon/ZF Planar Nikon Mount). Includes 5 x Zeiss 35mm ZF Distagon/Planar Stills Prime lenses -21/T2.9, 28/T2.0, 35/T2.0, 50/T1.4 and 85/T1.4 focal lengths.

Note that these lense are uncoated, in order to generate flare.  Regular Zeiss ZF DSLR lens sets with anti-reflection coatings also available.

Read the VMI article UNCOATED lenses - what you need to know!
Read the article from Duncan Telford DoP on shooting on Uncoated lenses

Compatible with Canon DSLR cameras, Canon C300, RED EPIC/Scarlet, Sony PMW-F3/F5 etc using suitable adapters.

VMI Zeiss sets have been modified to include a follow-focus ring which will allow an ARRI MFF1 follow focus to operate without attaching an external gear and the fronts have been modified to give a consistent 80mm donut size.

We can provide lens adapters to allow these lenses to work with Canon EOS cameras such as the Sony A7S Mk II, EOS 1D Mk IV and 5D Mk III at no additional charge - please request this when ordering.

Some people want to know why we have broken with tradition and do not supply a conventional 18, 25, 35, 50, 85mm set.  This is because these are not a speed-matched set with a common F stop, so this will become 18mm/F3.5 (slow), 25mm/T2.9, then 35mm/T2.0, & 50/85mm both T1.4 .  Instead a 21mm has T2.9, 28, 35mm are matched T2.0 and 50 & 85 are matched T1.4 which we find a better combination.  Also the jump between an 18mm and 25mm is quite large, besides which the 18mm vignettes with the 5D MkII/MkIII, so 21, 28, 35, 50, 85 is a happy compromise!

Zeiss Uncoated ZF Distagon/ZF Planar DSLR Prime Set

  • 21mm/T2.9 Zeiss ZF Distagon Prime lens
  • 28mm/T2.0 Zeiss ZF Distagon Prime lens
  • 35mm/T2.0 Zeiss ZF Distagon Prime lens
  • 50mm/T1.4 Zeiss ZF Planar Prime lens
  • 85mm/T1.4 Zeiss ZF Planar Prime lens

Front Element screw-in adapters

Note that VMI supplies all Zeiss ZF prime lenses with 80mm front element adapters, to allow them all to have a standard 80mm donut fitting for ease of using matte boxes.

However, these are removable to expose the original screw-in thread to fit screw-in adapters like the Genus variable ND screw-in filters.

However, the Zeiss ZF lenses are really inconsistent. 21mm (87mm); 28mm (64mm); 35mm (64mm); 50mm (66mm);  85mm (77mm).  So if clients want to use screw-in adapters, then we would recommend that they use Canon L_USM Prime lenses instead.

Distagon 21mm/T2.9

  • Aperture range f/2.8 – f/22 (1/ 2 stop intervals)
  • Number of elements / groups 16 /13
  • Focusing range 0.22 m (0.98 ft) – inf.
  • Angular field* (diag. / horiz.) 99 / 81
  • Coverage at close range 12.4 x 19 mm
  • Image ratio at close range 1:12
  • Diameter** 87 mm (3.4")
  • Weight** 600g
  • 80mm donut (VMI Mod)

Distagon 28mm/T2

  • Aperture range f/2 – f/22
  • Focusing range 0.24 m – infinity
  • Number of elements/groups 10/8
  • Angular field, diag./horiz. 74°/65°
  • Coverage at close range 18 x 12 cm
  • Dimensions (with caps) ø 64 mm, length 93 mm
  • Weight 520 g
  • 80mm donut (VMI Mod)

Distagon 35mm/T2

  • Aperture range f/2.0 – f/22 (1/2 steps)
  • Focusing range 0,3 m – infinity
  • Number of elements/groups 9/7
  • Angular field, diag./horiz. 63°/54°
  • Coverage at close range 129 x 196 mm
  • Dimensions (with caps) ø 64 mm, length 97 mm
  • Weight 530 g
  • 80mm donut (VMI Mod)

Planar 50mm/T1.4

  • Aperture range f/1.4 – f/16 (1/2 steps)
  • Focusing range 0,45 m – infinity
  • Number of elements/groups 7/6
  • Angular field, diag./horiz. 45.4°/38.4°
  • Coverage at close range 16 x 24 mm
  • Dimensions (with caps) ø 66 mm, length 69 mm
  • Weight 350 g
  • 80mm donut (VMI Mod)

Planar 85mm/T1.4

  • Aperture range f/1,4 – f/16 (1/2 steps)
  • Focusing range 1 m – infinity
  • Number of elements/groups 6/5
  • Angular field, diag./horiz. 28.6°/24°
  • Coverage at close range 24 x 36 cm
  • Dimensions (with caps) ø 77 mm, length 85 mm
  • Weight 600 g
  • 80mm donut (VMI Mod)

Designed specifically for DSLR Cameras such as the Canon EOS 7D and 5D MkII and also compatible with AF-101 and PMW-F3 with suitable adapters available from VMI and also Letus Ultimate 35mm adapter for small cameras.



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RED EPIC Dragon Lens Coverage



Super 35mm Cinema Glass Dragon Coverage:


Expanded notes on the Leica Sumilux-C Primes:

18mm - 6K Wide Open usable w/ vignette until T5.6.
21mm - 6K Wide Open usable w/ vignette until T5.6.
25mm - Uneven corner illumination at 6K wide open.
35mm - 6K usable Wide Open but vignettes
40mm - 6K usable Wide Open but vignettes
50mm - Covers 6K, vignettes when iris at T22 and focused past 9 feet.
75mm - Covers all Epic Dragon Formats
100mm - Covers all Epic Dragon Formats

What can be discerned from this? In one way or another they are usable wide open until about T4 on Dragon at 6K and 6K WS. However, the initial graphics involve "clean coverage". This is why Jim is right and the numbers are right. It is a very noticeable vignette roll off however. T1.4-T2.8 and up until T4 you may find success and lovely images.

Leica Summicron-C Primes
All lenses cover Dragon 6K FF cleanly.

John Marchant who has one of the first Dragon cameras out in the wild has just shared his notes on Cooke Mini S4i coverage.

Cooke Mini S4i

18mm - Covers 6k 2:1 / HD / 2.4:1 - 6k FF OK above F4 - a small hard vignette at the corner below f5.6 @ MOD, f8 @ infinity
25mm - Covers 6k 2:1 / HD / 2.4:1 - 6k FF OK above F5.6 - a tiny hard vignette at the very corner below f8, only @ infinity
32mm - Covers 6k FF
50mm - Covers 6k FF
75mm - Covers 6k FF
100mm - Covers 6k FF

Dedicated Full Frame 35mm coverage lenses:

  • Zeiss CP.2 Primes - All lenses cover Dragon 6K, except for the 18mm. That does cover 5.5K however.
  • Zeiss CP.2 Super speed Primes - Covers all Epic Dragon formats.
  • Schneider Xenon-FF Primes - Covers all Epic Dragon formats.
  • Canon CN-E Primes - Covers all Epic Dragon formats.
  • Leica M Primes - All Cover Dragon. Optically speaking Summilux-M 24mm and longer look great!


Zoom Lens Coverage!

** UVI stands for Uneven Vignette Illumination. The "highlight glow" that sometimes contaminates the expected roll-off to darkness a Vignette produces. Sometimes extremely noticeable on zoom pulls and iris pulls.

** Worsening Vignette is described as an inconsistent Vignette during a zoom pull.


Red Pro Zoom 18-85mm T2.9
@32mm 6K FF vignette, clear at 40mm
@25mm covers 6K WS
@22mm covers 6K HD


Canon CN-E 14.5-60mm T2.6
@14.5 - covers 5K clean, hard vignette porthole at higher resolutions
@35 - covers 6K FF with UVI
@60 - clean


Canon CN-E 15.5-47 T2.8
@15.5 - 6K HD covers with vignette
** be cautious of UVI during zoom pull and stopped down
@30 - Covers 6K FF with soft vignette


Canon CN-E 30-105 T2.8
@30 - Covers 6K HD nicely. 6K FF wide open pretty good, stopped down port hole
@75 - Covers 6K cleanly


Canon 30-300mm T2.95-3.7
@30 - Portholes 6K - 5.5K WS soft vignette
@85 - vignettes, but covers 6K FF
@300 - Clean 6K FF


Angenieux Optimo 19.5-94mm T2.6
@19.5 - Portholes at 6K FF, 6K WS slightly but covers 6K HD with vignette
@30 - soft vignette at 6K FF
@94 - Clean 6K FF


Angenieux Optimo DP 16-42mm T2.8
@16 - 6K FF Porthole, 6K HD w/ soft vignette
@19 - 6K FF covers w/ slight vignette
** really doesn't work with the Motion Mount!


Angenieux Optimo DP 30-80mm T2.8
@30 - 6K FF Porthole, 6K HD covers with slight vignette
@65 - vignette 6K FF worsens 
** be cautious of ring type UVIs
** really doesn't work with the Motion Mount!


Angenieux Optimo 15-40mm T2.6
@16 - porthole 6K FF and 6K WS, 6K HD vignettes. Better use at 5.5K
18 - 6K FF covers with vignette.
** exhibits similar vignette worsening as DPs


Angenieux Optimo 28-76 T2.6
@28 - 6K WS covers cleaning, porthole at 6K FF
@32 - 6K FF covers
** exhibits similar vignette worsening as DPs


Angenieux 45-120mm T2.8 
- Covers 6K HD


Angenieux Optimo 24-290 T2.8
@24 - No way sees front mask
@75 - Covers 6K FF.


Angenieux Optimo 28-340mm T2.9
- Covers 6K HD


Arri Fujinon Alura 15.5-45mm T2.8.
@15.5 - 6K WS covers with vignette and potential coloful UVI
@18 - 6K FF covers with soft vignette
*** - Be careful of iris pulls, UVI


Arri Fujinon Alura 30-80 T2.8
@30 - Covers 6K FF w/ vignette


Arri Fujinon Alura 18-80mm T2.6
@18 - Portholes 6K FF, covers 5.5K WS 
@40 - 6K FF covers


Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm T2.9
@19 - 6K FF vignettes, portholes as iris closes, which eventually encroaches on 6K WS coverage, 6K HD works fine
@70 - covers 6K FF nicely


Canon 17-120mm T2.95

6K Full Frame - Hard corner clip @17mm. By 40mm, soft vignette and usable
6K 2:1 - Practically same as above
6K Widescreen - Soft vignette @17mm, ok by 20mm
6K HD - Covers well, very minor light falloff (expected) at 17mm
Anything less than the 6K HD frame size on the Dragon and you're all good.

(Notes courtesy Matt Duclos)


Angenieux 25-250 HR T3.5
Covers 5K :)


Zeiss CZ 70-200mm T2.9
Zeiss CZ 28-80mm T2.9
Zeiss CZ 15-30mm T2.9

- Covers 6K FF


Focus Optics RUBY 14-24mm T2.8
- Covers 6K FF

As more focal lengths, sets, and zooms are tested we will add to this list and update the graphics.

This is the "simple" version of these tests and I have taken additional notes. If you have any questions regarding coverage and performance post them here and I'll do my best to answer your questions.

Some of the basic notes on coverage that everybody should keep in mind:

  • Any lens designed for Full Frame 35mm or VistaVision formats cover Dragon at 6K
  • If you have a lens that covers Mysterium-X at 5K today you will cover Dragon at 5.5K safely
  • All lenses designed for Super 35mm will cover Dragon at 5K


Crop Factors and Format FOV Calculations:

Okay. So we have to keep in mind relative crop factor here. Meaning if FF35 is your starting point that's 1X, and if S35 is your starting point that's 1X. Here's the info for both with the aspect ratio of Dragon's sensor taken into account:

For people who visualize FF35 as their starting point......

Epic Dragon Crop Factors FF35 Relative to Full Frame 35mm:
6K Full = 1.17x
5.5K = 1.28x
5K = 1.40x
4.5K = 1.56
4K = 1.75x
3.5K = 2x
3K = 2.33x
2.5K = 2.8x
2K = 3.50x

and for S35 as a base.....

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