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Canon C500 (PL Mount) 4K / K35 T1.3-1.5 PL prime set

Shoot Kit 2 - MMB1/MFF1/Video 20

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Canon C500 Large Sensor Camcorder with a native PL mount and 4K RAW output. Requires a separate 4K recorder for 4K acquisition, such as Convergent Odyssey 7Q.

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Canon 5 lens vintage prime T1.3-1.5 PL lens set - 18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm

Canon K35 PL Prime Lens Set

  • Canon K35 PL Prime 18mm/T1.5 CF 11"
  • Canon K35 PL Prime 24mm/T1.5 CF 11"
  • Canon K35 PL Prime 32mm/T1.4 CF 11"
  • Canon K35 PL Prime 50mm/T1.4 CF 18"
  • Canon K35 PL Prime 85mm/T1.4 CF 32"

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