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Canon C500 (PL Mount) 4K / Celere_HS T1.5 Prime set (18.5-85mm)

Shoot Kit 9- MB19/20/FF4/O'Con 2060/2575/Tall/Short

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Canon C500 Large Sensor Camcorder with a native PL mount and 4K RAW output. Requires a separate 4K recorder for 4K acquisition, such as Convergent Odyssey 7Q.

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Celere T1.5 PL prime lens set, PL mount (EF & E mount versions to follow).  Set consists of 5 x lenses: 18.5, 25, 36, 50, 85mm.  

  • Fast T1.5 prime lenses
  • Multiple lens mounts, though presently we can only offer these in PL mount, though these will be offered in EF and E mount in time.
  • Attach nets to the rear of the lens with ease
  • Capability to attach a rear 40.5mm rear screw-in filter* (Note that this requires a mount upgrade which will be in place from July 2018)
  • Full frame and even Vista Vision without vignetting - suitable for 4K and higher
  • 85mm front diameter (18.5mm lens is 95mm)
  • colour matched lenses
  • compact lightweight design (25-85mm are a touch over 1kg
  • 25-85mm lenses are made with identical weights to make gimbal lens changes easy
  • 8 bladed iris
  • Minimal optical distortion
  • robust housings and solid build quality
  • illuminaging and precise focus markings
  • internal focus system (lens length remains the same when focussing)
  • 250 degree focus adjustmenttested in -25 degree C to 45degree C
  • German made optics

Celere T1.5 Prime set

  • 18.5mm T1.5 Celere Prime PL, CF 23mm, 9.06" not supplied
  • 25mm T1.5 Celere Prime PL, CF 25mm, 9.8"
  • 36mm T1.5 Celere Prime PL, CF 33mm, 13"
  • 50mm T1.5 Celere Prime PL, CF 48cm, 18.9"
  • 85mm T1.5 Celere Prime PL, CF 100cm, 39.4"
  • 85mm matte box front for LMB5/15/25

85mm lens front diameter (18.5mm lens is 95mm)





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