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Canon C300 (PL Mount) / Supreme Full-Frame PL T1.5 Prime Set (25-85mm/T1.5) 5-lens package (PL mount)

Shoot Kit 9- MB19/20/FF4/O'Con 2060/2575/Tall/Short

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Canon C300 Large Sensor Camcorder with a native PL mount.

Please read VMI's article The Canon C300 Mk II vs C300 - What's the fuss about


Extremely fast (T1.5), lightweight and compact cinema prime lenses in PL mount offering full 4K lens quality to all PL mount digital film and large sensor cameras and including ZEISS eXtended Data technology for electronic metadata capture.

5 lens package 25-85mm/T1.5 with Full Frame (FF Φ36mm) and S35 coverage.

Compatible with all cameras with PL mount including Full Frame cameras too without adaptation.  

All are rated for full 4K resolution and include follow focus rings, clear focus scaling and are fully manual throughout and the build quality is as good as you would expect from Zeiss.  

The Supreme Prime range will eventually (by end 2020) comprise focal lengths from 15mm to 200mm, and ten of the focal lengths will offer a maximum aperture of T1.5, while the 15mm and 150mm will be T1.8, and the 200mm will be a T2.1.

Also the lenses are really lightweight 1.2kg to 1.6kg each and extremely compact too.

  • All are T1.5-T22
  • All have 95mm front
  • All cover Full Frame coverage FF Φ36mm
  • PL mount
  • Lens data
  • There will eventually be 13 lenses in the series by end 2020

VMI Supreme 5 lens Cine Prime Set Comprising

  • Zeiss Supreme Prime 25mm/T1.5 FF Prime (PL mount).  Close Focus 0.26 m | 10‘‘
  • Zeiss Supreme Prime 29mm/T1.5 FF Prime (PL mount).  Close Focus 0.33 m | 13‘‘
  • Zeiss Supreme Prime 35mm/T1.5 FF Prime (PL mount).  Close Focus 0.32 m | 13‘‘
  • Zeiss Supreme Prime 50mm/T1.5 FF Prime (PL mount).  Close Focus 0.45 m | 18‘‘
  • Zeiss Supreme Prime 85mm/T1.5 FF Prime (PL mount).  Close Focus 0.84 m | 2‘9‘

All Zeiss Supreme Primes in this set have a 95mm front diameter.Supplied on a 3 day hire week.

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