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Cinetics Cineskates DSLR Tracking Unit


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A versatile skater type dolly for DSLR and compact large sensor cameras up to 2.5kg.

What makes CineSkates so cool?

CineSkates can produce shots that have previously been impossible or only possible with bulky and expensive equipment. Here are a few:

  • Arcing shots that rotate around objects
  • Sliding shots that push or pull the subject into focus 
  • Rolling shots that glide over the subject
  • Time-lapse shots that move the camera slowly and smoothly
  • Panning shots that scan a wide area
  • "Worm's eye view" shots that slide just above the floor

Filmmakers will find CineSkates perfect for weddings, music videos, product demos, commercials, web videos, corporate films, and even for narrative and documentary films. 

How do you use them?

You'll be able to figure them out in no time... just line up the wheels and roll! But, like your camera, CineSkates have a learning curve.

Weight Limit

CineSkates perform best with cameras less than 5 pounds. I use it with a 1500+ gram (3.2 lbs) set-up most often. A DSLR, a reasonable size lens, and a mic generally work wonderfully. If you have concerns about weight, calculate the weight of your set up. If it is over 5 lbs, I can't recommend CineSkates.


A versatile skater type dolly for DSLR and compact large sensor cameras up to 2.5kg.


  • Rate:
    £25/day £75/week Add to Shoot Kit

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