Camera kits

Equipment List - Special

Video Turntable

White video turntable with 80kg payload, suitable for models.

This device is quiet to use, includes 12 adjustable speeds and remote control operation.

80GK payload Video Turntable

OrcaVue Life "Bullet time 360 Rig"

Unique 'Bullet time 360" rig for providing the ultimate 'hero' selfie.  

Traditionally, you needed a fixed rig of perhaps 50 DSLR cameras in a circle to make this shot with a lot of crew, knowhow and data.  Today, you only need a single GoPro and an OrcaVue platform.

Creates a unique shot when used in conjunction with DSLR/GoPro type cameras reminiscent of the Matrix "Bullet Time" shot which only makes sense when you see the shots that it facilitates.

OrcaVue Life Travel Package, VMI mod

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