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Equipment List - Matte Boxes 6x6 (6.6" x 6.6")

ARRI SMB-1 6x6 Prod. Tilting Studio Matte Box

The ARRI Studio Matte Box SMB-1 supports filter sizes up to 6.6" x 6.6". It is designed for use with bigger wide-angle prime lenses and also with zooms and incorporate the new ARRI tilting action too.

Matte Box 6x6 3-stage Tilting Studio Swing Away Matte Box

ARRI MB28 6x6 Prod. Matte Box

The Arri MB-28 swing-away matte box comes with two sliding trays and one geared tray.  All three are vertical 4x5.65 format, mounted with 19mm bars and supplied with a set of mattes, side wings and top flag.

Matte Box PV 3 Stage Swing Away

ARRI LMB-4A 6x6 Clip-on Matte Box

ARRI LMB-4A Lightweight Matte Box includes two 6.6" x 6.6" push-through filter frames and attaches directly to the front diameter of the lens. The LBM-4A is specially designed for 8 mm to 12 mm wide angle lenses.


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