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Sony XLR-K2M XLR Adapter Kit with Microphone

The Sony XLR-K2M XLR Adapter Kit with Microphone allows you to connect professional-quality microphones,to Sony cameras equipped with a Multi-Interface Shoe, including Sony's A7I&II series, RX series, and select camcorders including PXW-FS7.

Importantly, it permits the FS-7 to work with channels 3 & 4 with XLR inputs and manual audio levels.

Sony XLR-K2M twin XLR Adapter Kit with Microphone

ENG Sound Kit

Sennheiser K6 gun mic with fishpole, 2 x Sony UWP diversity radio mics, Beyer DT 100 headphones.

Sound Kit

Portable Sound Kit with Sound Devices 664 multi-track recorder/mixer

2 x Sony UWP-V1 diversity radio mics, Sennheiser MKH 416 Gun mic, 2m Sennheiser Boom Pole, Sound Devices 664 audio mixer/multitrack recorder

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