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Photon Beard 1.2KW HMI 'Platinum Blonde' flicker free open face

1.2K open face HMI Lamp

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1.2KW HMI open face lamp complete with ballast and header cable.

A new design 1200W HMI lamp in an open face format for powerful daylight source, which is based in the body of a conventional '2K Blonde' lamp head.

Interestingly, since most 1.2K applications are used for bounce, the lack of a fresnel lens actually makes this lamp fitting both lighter and more powerful than a conventional 1.2K MSR.

Supplied with a near-silent flicker-free ballast, this will run off a regular 240V mains supply.



The result is a lightweight, portable, high output, low cost daylight source with known colour characteristics, and great quality of light. Controls on the lamphead are kept to a minimum to reduce weight, and consist solely of a focus knob, with the on/off function being controlled from the ballast.

The Platinum Blonde is available as a complete system including lamphead with lamp, barndoors, attached header cable, and a 575/1200W electronic ballast. The ballast is wired with the standardized pin configuration. 

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