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Cooke S4i 35mm T2.1

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Cooke S4i 35mm T2.1 prime PL mount.

110mm lens front diameter


  T-stop Range  Angular Rotation of Iris Scale Miniumum Marked Object Distance  
Units    degrees mm inches  
35mm S4/i  T2-T22  95 350 14  
  Close Focus from Lens Front  Angular Rotation to MOD Endstop  Maximum Diagonal Angle of View for Super 35 Format   
Units  mm inches  degrees degrees   
35mm S4/i  170 6.9 300 46  
    Length from Front of Lens to Lens Mount  Max Front Diameter  Total Weight 

mm inches  mm  kg lbs 
35mm S4/i  128 5 110 1.9 4.2

Cooke S4i 35mm T2.1 prime PL mount


  • Rate:
    £125/day £375/week Add to Shoot Kit

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