Camera kits

Equipment List - Lens Accessories

Shultz Sprayoff Milli Rain Deflector

The Sprayoff lightweight rain deflectors allow shooting in the rain using a conventional matte box filter tray without stopping the camera to clear the lens.

Most suitable with MB18/MB19/MB20 matte boxes, as this is a little too heavy for clip-on matte boxes.

Rain deflector which drops into PV or 5x5 filter trays for matte box operation

Cinematography Electronics Cinetape

Cinematography Electronics CINE TAPE MEASURE System continuously calculates the distance between a subject and the camera's film-plane.

Cine Tape Electronic tape measure

Century Optics Collimator

HD Collimator for accurately checking back-focus adjustment of HD lenses. Particularly suited for use with Prime lenses for speedy lens change and back-focus setup.

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