Camera kits

Equipment List - Jibs/Cranes

Floatcam Dollycrane HD (32kg payload) Slider/Jib

The new heavy duty DollyCrane HD accommodates camera and head combinations of up to 32kg, making in an ideal grip companion to more traditional feature, drama and commercial shooting packages. With the increased weight capacity, the DC HD can be used with fully built studio digital cameras such as the Arri Alexa, Sony F35 and Panavision Genesis, as well as traditional 16mm & 35mm film cameras.

HD Floatcam

Intel A Jib Pro 3.1m Professional Jib

Professional Jib Arm which can take a payload of 54kg at 1.83m or 36kg at 3.10m, making it suitable for Alexa/RED etc.

This crane/jib has 2 stages of arm length.  If you are using both stages then VMI recommend that this device should only be used with a NVQ Level 3 grip as stipulated by the HSE.

Professional jib

Floatcam Dollycrane Motion Control

MotionControl allows manual and programmed movements for Floatcam and Floatcam HD slider/jib systems for time lapse/CG applications or when consistent repeated takes are required.  Each movement can be repeated up to 999 times and extended “time extension” up to 99 times,

Motion Control device for Floatcam and Floatcam HD

Libec Swift Jib 50 1m-1.9m Telescopic Jib Arm (Max Height 2.8m/9ft)

Libec Swift Jib 50 1m-1.9m Telescopic Jib Arm with robotic head option and maximum height of 2.8m/9ft.

Swift Jib 50 1m-1.9m Telescopic Jib Arm (Max Height 2.8m/9ft)

Prosup E-Jib portable telescopic 6' Jib Arm (78-120cm arm) 15kg payload

Extremely portable and versatile telescopic jib with 15kg payload, so suitable for all cameras upto Amira (depending on configuration).  The telescopic design means that it operates with an arm length of 78-120cm, yet the jib only weighs 11kg and fits into a single small flight case. 

Please note that you will also need to book tripod legs and tripod head (100mm bowl fitting) and for heavier cameras, consider a Ronford heavyweight 150mm legs option.

Prosup EJIB Jib Arm

Libec REMO30 Robotic Head with 100mm bowl fitting (5kg payload)

The Libec REMO 30 Remote Head is a fully-featured remote head with 5kg payload capability.

100mm bowl, it can be mounted on 100mm bowl legs or Libec Swift Jib 50, Libec JB30, Intel-A Jib or any other slider/grip mount featuring a 100mm bowl.  (However, note that you will need a device with a weights bar in order to attach the control handles to).

REMO30 Robotic Head with 100mm bowl fitting (5kg payload)

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