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ARRI LMB25 4x5.65 Clip-on Matte Box

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ARRI LMB-25 is a compact, clip-on matte box. 

The 4 x 5.65 horizontally oriented filter trays slide into heavy duty machined guides with ease. The LMB-25 can be rapidly configured for two or three stage capacity.

The LMB-25 is compatible with LMB-5 filter trays, clamp adapter backs and carbon fiber light shields. For greater flexibility, the new 130mm back also works with clamp-on rings from the MB-20 system. The LMB-25 accepts ENG lenses as wide as 3.9mm and has a quick release removable sunshade for close-up applications.

The LMB-25 matte box has a PV sized rear and you actually attach a different back according to the lens you are using, as opposed to using doughnuts. Therefore it is useable with lenses for which PV filters would be appropriate rather than 6x6. We supply ours with the following backs: 80, 95, 110, 114 and 130mm, which are suitable for all popular lens types.


ARRI LMB-25 is a compact, clip-on matte box with 2 or 3 stage filter capacity.


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    £50/day £150/week Add to Shoot Kit
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