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Reflecmedia Halo Mobile Green Screen Kit with stands

Portable Green screen kit with Reflecmedia Halo light and stands

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Simple, portable Green screen kit with Reflecmedia Halo light.  You can use this with a Mac running any HD chromakey software package (not supplied).

Everything you need now in one package as a simple, portable Green screen kit for HD productions, to be able to shoot and chroma key on location. Simply supply your own Mac.

VMI's chroma-key kit consists of:

  • ReflecMedia Circular LED Green Halo Light with 15mm/19mm mounting bracket, with dimmable control box and donuts to adapt to lenses up to 110mm.
  • ReflecMedia 100% reflective 12’x6’ drape with 3 medium duty stands and goalpost support.



Simple, portable Green screen kit with Reflecmedia Halo light. 


  • Rate:
    £65/day £195/week Add to Shoot Kit


1 Attach LED Unit to your camera (either 12v or mains power supplied)

2 Erect Green Screen to the size required (maximum 12/x9’)-it does not need to be completely flat to work.

3 Plug I/O box into MacBook using Thunderbolt BEFORE powering up the computer. (not supplied)

4 Power up Macbook (not supplied)

5 Connect camera to I/O box via HDSDI or HDMI cables and connect the monitor via the Thunderbolt/Mini display-HDMI cable from the Thunderbolt output on the I/O box.

6 Launch AJA Utilities program from the Dock.

7 Set the parameters as per your specific input.

8 Mirror the display settings on the Mac and you will see a live camera feed on both the Mac and the 17” Monitor.

9 Launch Veescope software from the Dock, there will be a large list in the bottom panel of codecs to select. The most likely will be AJA ProRes 1080 25p or 1080 50i and either 8bit or 10 bit.

10 Background plates/stills should be loaded onto the Mac.

11 On the Veescope software select the background button and dirct the Finder to where the plates have been stored.

12 Select Patterns and then Chromakey and then click on Softlight button to bring up the background plate.

13. The Enable Edges  Chroma Key   De-Spill   Smooth  buttons will help you to find an optimium Key between the background and the live camera feed – particularly useful is the Softlight and De-Spill parameters.

14 Also useful is to toggle Show Mask to indicate the strength of the Alpha channel.

15 Record the clip via the Veescope Record button which will record in the selected to the selected destination on the Mac or to an External Hard Drive if needed otherwise the final blend can use the Camera recorded Green Screen and background in Post production.

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