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Equipment List - Vision Mixers

Panasonic HS400 HD/SD 6/8 Channel Vision Mixer

Portable Multi-format HD/SD-SDI 6/8-inputs Vision Mixer.   Equipped with 6 xHD-SDI inputs and 2 x DVI-D/HDMI inputs.  Includes multiview output.

AV-HS400 - 6 x HD-SDI and 2 x DVI/HDMI inputs

Convergent Odyssey Apollo Quad HD Multi-channel Recorder/Switcher

4 channel multicamera recorder with prores option.  

This unit will record 4 x separate HD video inputs onto one SSD and if you perform a live switch, can also record the switched channel as well.   It even will perform a parallel safety recording onto a separate card simultaneously.

Odyssey Apollo quad HD multichannel recorder/switcher

Panasonic HS300 HD/SD 5 Channel Vision Mixer

Portable Multi-format HD/SD-SDI 6-inputs Vision Mixer. 5 HD/SD SDI (optional HD analog components) and 1 DVI/RGB Channel Mixer. 4 outputs (HD/SD SDI or optional HD analog components: Program, Preview, AUX and DVI:Program)


Sony Anycast Mixer System HD

The Sony Anycast system is a sophisticated unit to provide a live mixing environment for up to 6 cameras of high definition with audio and monitoring

HD-SDI Multi-Camera Mixer

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