ARRI LMB-4A 6×6 Clip-on Matte Box



ARRI LMB-4A Lightweight Matte Box includes two 6.6" x 6.6" push-through filter frames and attaches directly to the front diameter of the lens. The LBM-4A is specially designed for the Angenieux 24-290mm and Ultra 12 zoom ranges with a 162mm diameter front.


Filter Size

6" x 6"

Weight: approx. 500 g (1,1 lbs)

Kit Contents:

ARRI LMB-4B 6x6 Matte Box (24-290mm)
 2 Filter Tray 6.6x6.6
Donut 162mm to 136mm

Arri LMB-4A Matte Box: Flight Case: 37x33x30cm 5.85kg

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