ARRI MB28 6×6 Prod. Matte Box

Full 6x6 3 Stage swing away matte box


The Arri MB-28 swing-away matte box comes with two sliding trays and one geared tray.  All three are 6.6 x 6.6" format. The matte box is mounted with a 19mm bracket and supplied with a set of mattes, side wings and top flag and 19mm bars.

Filter Size

This mattebox is designed to fit large diameter zoom lenses but can be used with all zooms and primes with appropriate reduction rings allowing for 6.6″ filter use across a broad range of lenses.

Kit Contents:

ARRI MB-28 6x6 Matte Box
Filter Tray 6.6x6.6
Filter Tray 5.65 X 5.65
Top Flag MB-28
Side Flag (Left) MB28
Side Flag (Right) MB28 
Mattes: ARRIflex MB 28 25mm
Mattes: ARRIflex MB 28 32mm
Mattes: ARRIflex MB 28 40mm 
Mattes: ARRIflex MB 28 50mm 
Donut 80mm For MB28
Donut 110mm For MB28
Donut 114mm For MB28

Arri MB-28 Flight Case:
65x31x31cm  9.60kg

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