Astro 7″ HD LCD Waveform/Monitor



Portable Waveform and Vector Scope monitoring for handheld or on-board.

A portable monitor providing comprehensive multiple functions like image confirmation monitoring, waveform monitoring and vector scoping.

This monitor has a Quad Display Function in which the Waveform, Vector Scope, Sound Detail and Picture can be displayed simultaneously in split screen display.

Also offers a freeze frame feature, which can be used to compare a live shot to a previously recorded frame (image and waveform), without the need of any external equipment. It also provides 5 buttons on the front panel that allow for quick and easy access to the user’s preferred settings.

Supplied with Anton Bauer power clip and cable to D-tap with on-camera mounting bracket.

Single Unit, Multiple Functions
This single waveform monitor provides multiple functions, such as image confirmation monitoring, waveform monitoring, and vector scoping.

This portable unit is ideally suited for use in situations where transportation of traditional equipment is difficult, such as on-site shooting in remote locations.

Quad-Display Function
This unit also includes a quad-display function, which allows for simultaneous, split-screen viewing of waveform, vector scope, sound detail, and picture.

HD & SD Input
This monitor accepts both HD and SD input signals (525i and 625i)

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