Audio Ltd Envoy EN2 DX Diversity Radio Mic kit

Digital diversity radio mic system


Solidly built Audio Ltd Envoy En2 radio mic kits with a rugged aluminum housing with Tram mic capsules. Suitable for Europe-wide use.

Audio Ltd

These have a very simple operation and use standard AA batteries.

There is a simple on/off switch on the base of the unit that has a very positive action. The menu control is a simple and easy to use combined rocker wheel/push button, while the menu system itself is self explanatory and easy to use and set-up. The input/output connectors are screw locking 3.5mm jacks and Audio have had plugs and sockets specially made which are much more sturdy and robust than any others we have seen and they certainly go together with a reassuringly positive and firm fit

The PRO models are fitted with screw locking multipin Binder connectors and have selectable (insted of fixed) bass cuts.

Both TX (transmitter) , DX and MX (receivers) are powered by a single AA cell, while the dual DX2 (receiver) is powered by two AA cells. They have the latest in low power OLED displays which provide a wealth of information to the user. The display provides a level of confidence even when the screensaver is enabled, informing the user of the status of the unit and the link.

We also supply the En2 PTX plug-on transmitter.

The units can be tuned to any frequency range (specify at time of order) between 470 and 960MHz (bandwidth 24MHz) in 25KHz steps, any one of 32 presets can be quickly used. There is scope for 32 user selectable frequencies to be tuned and saved. The most commonly selected range that we supply these days covers TV Ch. 38, 39, 40 and part of 41. This would be 606MHz – 631MHz (ish)

1 x Audio Envoy Receiver DX
1 x Audio Envoy Transmitter TXP
1 x Audio Cable EN2 RX O/P Single channel (900-597)
1 x Audio RT Antenna
2 x Audio ST Antenna
1 x Battery Consumables, 4xAA Batts
1 x Clip TRAM
1 x Button Hole Clip Tram
1 x Tram 5-Pin Mini DIN
1 x Sony Shoe Adaptor
2 x Pin Clip
1 x Stud Clip
1 x Shield Tram
1 x Audio Envoy Shoe Adaptor
1 x Pouch

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