Dedolight 150W Classic Series Kit (4 Light Fresnel)

100w Classic Series Kit

£65.00 / day
£260.00 / week

This Dedolight 100W Tungsten Master 4-Light Kit enables a cinematographer ample lighting with full dimming, color and shape control over the lights. It's a complete lighting kit centered around the DLH4 light head.

Lighting Technology

Its dual-lens concept provides superb light output. With a 100W lamp in the flood position, its light output is greater than a 300W Fresnel studio fixture. In the spot position, it equals or exceeds a 1000W Fresnel studio fixture.

The inexpensive lamps provide exceptional economy, coupled with outstanding life expectancy. The slide-control dimmers operate from 220-240 Volts AC.

Each light (output) can be individually and independently switched in four distinct steps, each increasing color temperature and output. The multi-voltage DIMTA3 power supply allows individual dimming of the 4 lamp heads. Each of the four connector sockets has its own individual four-position control knob which changes the color temperature of the light (from 3400° to 3200° or 3000° Kelvin) and can turn off all power to the head it controls.

This kit supplies barndoors, warming, cooling and cut diffusion gels, a projection attachment, framing shutter blades, iris, gobo holder, innovative grip equipment for mounting heads in awkward places, light stands, many extra bulbs and a hard transport case.

Spun and Gels are supplied as chargeable consumables.

4x Dedo 150W Lamp Head
4x Dedo Ballast Dt24-1E (4 Bank)
4x Dedo Light Stand
4x Dedo Light Shield Ring
4x Dedo Gel Holders
4 x Dedo 150 Flight Case
Dedo G-Clamp
Dedo Mounting Plate
4 Spare Bulb: HLX 150W for Dedo

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