DJI Osmo X5R RAW Handheld 3-axis Gimbal Camera system

Handheld Gimbal with removable lenses and RAW record capability

£165.00 / day
£660.00 / week

The OSMO X5 is a fully stabilised handheld 4K camera which actually includes the Zenmuse X5 camera head and is small and light enough that it can be handheld by just one hand.


Sensor Size/Coverage

Media Standard

It uses a three-axis stablizer that allows you to move the camera freely and still create very smooth shots.  The viewfinder is a large Samsung phone which is supplied by VMI and all batteries and mounts fit into a small convenient case. The X5 version features an interchangeable lens mount and 2 x hard drives as well as card storage too.

Note that this now includes an Osmo Focus wheel as standard, so that the operator can also pull focus.

DJI have integrated all the hardware together for camera and stabilisation which makes for a device which is incredibly easy to use and does not require balancing, as it does this itself, so there is effectively no downtime from taking in out of the box, switching it on and using it.  A great change from the past!

The camera can be controlled with one hand with all the controls just a thumb’s reach away on the joystick and monitoring is via a smartphone using the OSMO App.  It has a really neat function whereby you can use your finger to touch the screen to make the camera pan to where you are pointing or you can use the integrated joystick.  Pressing the trigger 2 or 3 times has special functions including a ‘selfie mode’ and restore mode.  Very elegant.

Interchangeable Lenses (Micro 4/3″

The Osmo X5 features a Micro 4/3 interchangeable lens mount and works well with very short ‘pancake lenses’ only.  Larger lenses will  fit but these are likely to be too large and heavy to work with the system.  Since this has a Micro 4/3″ sensor, rather than 1/2″ CMOS sensor of the X3 and GoPro type cameras, this camera gives a greater depth of field capability, so you may have to think about focus adjustment.  Happily, using MFT autofocus lenses allows for automatic focus control or manually focussing on the image of the phone with the clever app.  It will even do some focus mapping to help the operator.or auto via touch point and face recognition.


This version of the OSMO X5 is supplied with the Micro 4/3″ Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor, which achieves a 4K image size too!.  Field of view is 20mm (35m equivalent) giving a 94 degree viewing angle.
4K (4096 x 2160) is available at 24 & 25p and UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) and also 2.7K at 24, 25 & 30p.

In HD though, it even can shot up to 120fps slow motion with full HD (1920×1080) available at 24, 25, 30 48, 50, 60 and 120p.  The footage is recorded onto a Micro SD card (supplied).
There’s an Automatic Panorama mode for shooting 360 zhots.  Just hold the OSMO above your head, hit the shutter release and the camera will rotate, capturing the image as it rotates, staying completely level.  The OSMO also features a timelapse mode.

Audio is recorded through an internal microphone – you have audio gain settings on the app allowing you adjust the sound levels.  There’s also a standard 3.5mm mic port for plugging in a separate mic.

The battery lasts approximately one hour (6 hour standby) and 2 are supplied with the kit.  A full range of accessories are offered as standard.  including Extension Stick, Tripod, Bike Mount, Car Mount and Universal Mount.

The Camera records to micro SD card especially for basic shooting or proxy recording, or alternatively you can record to the supplied SSDs for recording RAW..  (2 x SSDs supplied in the basic kit).

Smart Phone Included

VMI include a Samsung smart phone to use as a monitoring device without additional charge.

Compatible Memory Cards

Essential Accessory:

Polar Pro Zenmuse X5S Filter 6-pack


12.8 stops dynamic range for enhanced highlight and shadow detail
Records video and stills to micro-SDHC/SDXC cards
Single shot or take bursts for 3, 5, or 7 frames
Time-lapse mode captures photos at stepped intervals between 3 and 60 seconds
DJI OSMO Raw Cam X5R CMOS MFT 15mm  F1.7
DJI OSMO Focus Handwheel 2
DJI OSMO Focus Control Cabel 6pin Lemo
DJI OSMO Cam X3/FC350H Lens Cover
DJI OSMO Gimbal Expansion block Incl 2 Hotshoe
DJI OSMO Gimbal Phone/Tablet Bracket
DJI OSMO Gimbal Turtle Tripod YM2
4 x DJI OSMO Battery 11.5V High Cap for X5
DJI OSMO 57w AC Adapter
Power Cable Figure 8
2 x DJI Osmo X5R SSD 512GB
Data Cable Micro-USB to USB
DJI Osmo X5R - SSD Reader USB3.0
Samsung Galaxy 
Samsung Galaxy Charger
DJI OSMO Pro/RAW - Wired Video Adapter USB
DJI OSMO DummyBattery for X5
CF SD Card Reader  USB2/3
DJI OSMO Raw Peli Case
DJI OSMO microphone
SD 32GB Micro SD Incl SD Adapter (consumables sale)

Available as requestable options:

DJI OSMO Gimbal Suction Mount Articulated Arm
DJI OSMO Gimbal 3-Section Suction Mount
DJI OSMO Gimbal Telescopic Extension Arm
DJI OSMO Gimbal Handlebar/ Pipe Clamp
DJI OSMO X5R: X5S Filter 6-pack ND/Polariser

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