Easyrig Vario 5 Extension arm (+230mm for gimbals but without Flowcine Serene arm)

Easyrig Vario 5 Long arm (+230mm length arm)


A VMI-modified Easyrig Cinema 3 system with Vario 5 (payload capacity up to 5-17kg) with a long arm (+230mm), to suit the MOVI/Ronin Gimbals and similar units, to push toe support further away from the operator.  Note that the position of the support can be brought sufficient close to do the same job as the regular Vario 5 system.


The EASYRIG gives you the speed and mobility of a hand-held camera, while still achieving steady shots from the shoulder and hip. Specially designed suspension lines with shock absorbers accept the weight of your camera & redistribute the majority to your hips via a double shoulder harness, where it is more efficiently supported.  This model is designed for cameras, lens and accessory payload of 5-17kg and specifically for Gimbal applications as this system incorporates the longest 230mm tube length to permit the camera system to be operated some distance away from the operator’s body.

The load is redistributed to the hips so that you can concentrate on the actual filming. You won’t suffer from a strained back or shoulders as you would from normal handheld shooting and you will be able to work for longer periods of time.

After you are finished filming, just fold your Cinema 3 and put it in the specially designed bag.

Easyrig will be your best tool when you do movies, commercials and many other hand-held situations where stability is crucial and freedom to move is essential.

Payload: 5 – 17kg using the Vario 5 support and can be used with both video and motion picture cameras and supplied

The system includes a normal Easyrig Cinema 3 harness, though care has to be taken when using gimbals when walking, since the vertical oscillation can have a pronounced effect on the shot compared with the shorter arm systems.  If being used for walking shots, it may be more suitable to use the Easyrig Vario 5 with the Serene system, though this is a lighter more versatile system, though it can still cope with a 5-17kg payload (30-55lb).

Easyrig Vario 5 Long Arm (+230mm 5-17kg payload TRH6)
Vario 5 Allen key V020
Bag Soft Easyrig

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