Edelkrone SliderPLUS PRO Large (70cm) 4-axis Remote Time Lapse Control Slider Kit (with timelapse focus control)

SliderPLUS PRO Large (70cm) 4 x axis Remote Time Lapse Control Slider Kit

£155.00 / day
£620.00 / week

The Edelkrone SliderPLUS PRO Long (70cm) Slider Kit is a unique slider which has effectively twice the slider travel as its length due to a unique tracking mechanism, so it has a very small footprint which makes it perfect for travel productions.

This smooth running mechanism runs on steel bearings and allows the rails of the slider to move with the camera when mounted on a tripod, which gives 700mm of slider travel, although it is only 537mm in length, weighs only 2.14kg and comes in a pouch small enough to fit inside a suitcase!

This version includes a 3-axis full timelapse kit (MOTION KIT) with additional 4th axis to operate a timelapse focus control, incorporate the Edelkrone PRO Pack and cables to control Sony/Canon DSLR cameras timelapse shooting function or heavier cameras.

Note that the payload capacity of the timelapse Motion Kit is suitable for cameras up to 6.5kg payload (14 pounds). 

Two Axis timelapse version of slider

Non timelapse version of slider

Its compact sizes makes it ideal for travel, as it takes of up less room in your camera bag than other sliders with a similar sliding range and it supports loads of upto 12kg, so it is suitable for C300, FS-700 etc and other small cameras.

The tracking system works by having two thin bands that are connected to each side of the mounting plate and base plate. When placed on a flat surface, the base plate travels in the opposite direction of the mounting plate. This will yield results of traditional slider. To take advantage of the design, the SliderPLUS needs to be mounted to a tripod. When mounted on a tripod, the movement of the base plate is restricted, causing the rails to move through the base plate in the same direction as the mounting plate.

With traditional sliders, you’re often limited to the amount of dolly in/out you can do, because the slider itself usually will end up in the shot eventually. With the SliderPLUS, the rails are also retracting backwards with the camera, allowing for longer dolly in/out shots. A lock mechanism can be engaged to keep the slider from moving if the tripod becomes unlevel.

The slider provides a 3/8″-16 threaded hole at the bottom of the base plate for attaching to a tripod.

Full 3 axis Remote Time Lapse Control with Pan and Tilt Function plus 4th timelapse focus control module too

Note however that this does NOT operate as a remote follow focus unit.  It only operates the focus adjustment in time lapse mode and is not a replacement for a wireless follow focus device.

This is a terrifically elegant system which has 2 x removable modules which when fitted allow:

  • 6.5kg (14 lb) payload capacity
  • Remote slider control,
  • Remote pan and tilt operation
  • Leans from your hands – record your slide, pan and tilt and the system plays it back smoothly
  • Or set points and, speed and acceleration and run slide at a single button push
  • Motion Kit pairs with your smart phone via Blootooth
  • Quick setup time
  • Camera stop motion control with cables provided for Sony and Canon DSLR cameras.
  • 90 degree operation with L Bracket 90 degree mounting option provided.
  • Timelapse focus control.  The unit drives a separate servo which is able drive a lens focus gear in timelapse mode (providing you are using lenses with external follow focus gears)
  • The system is configured to be powered from professional Anton Bauer gold mount batteries (provided).

Note that if the slider needs to have the belt replaced for a geared belt if being used in time lapse mode. Damage will be done to the system if manual control of the slider is used with the geared belt in place, so this needs to be either configured for manual or time lapse use.  4 x allen keys are needed to be undone for the belt to be replaced,

Time Lapse Camera Control

  • C1 and C3 Canon Cables will remote control Canon DSLR Cameras
  • S1 and S3 Sony Cables will remote control Sony DSLR Cameras

Time lapse controlled Focus option with this version

This version of the Edelkrone system includes an integrated focus control, for use in timelapse mode, which control is also operated by the app which controls the other 3 axis functions.

The unit drives a separate servo which is able drive a lens focus gear, (providing you are using lenses with external follow focus gears), so that moves, pans and tilts, can also adjust the focus control to hit predetermined focus points at various timings – a must if you are working with a shallow depth of field where a set focus control is necessary.

Note however that this does NOT operate as a remote follow focus unit.  It only operates the focus adjustment in time lapse mode and is not a replacement for a wireless follow focus device.

  • CNC machined aluminum construction
  • Steel ball bearings
  • 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded screws
  • Manfrotto lighweight tripod head
  • 3/8″-16 threaded mounting hole
  • Adjustable feet for use on ground or flat surfaces
  • Size: 537x92x64mm
  • Weight (without head): 2.14kg
  • Travel on tripod: 700mm
1 x Edelkrone SliderPLUS PRO Large (70cm)
1 x Edelkrone SliderPLUS Target Pan AND Tilt Head Module
1 x Edelkrone SliderPLUS Slider Assist Module Incl Canon Batt Bracket
1 x Edelkrone Focus Module
1 x ** Enter Tripod 100mm Video 18/20/1030 *** (£28pd)
1 x Edelkrone Cheese Plate
1 x Edelkrone Gold-Mount Battery Bracket
4 x Edelkrone Pro Leg Extenders
1 x Edelkrone Heavy Duty Pan and Tilt L Bracket (4 Parts)
1 x Edelkrone Power Cable
1 x Edelkrone 15mm Screw in Long Bar
1 x Edelkrone 15mm Screw in Short Bar
4 x Edelkrone SliderPLUS Leg Extensions
4 x Edelkrone SliderPLUS Lock off screws
1 x Manfrotto 701 / MVH500AH Tripod Head
1 x Manfrotto Quick Release plate
1 x Pan Bar
1 x Screw 1/4" Inch
1 x Screw 3/8" Inch
4 x Edelkrone Screws
1 x Edelkrone Riser Bar
1 x Edelkrone SliderPLUS Ethernet Data Cable
1 x Edelkrone Pan and Tilt L Bracket (2 Parts)
1 x Mains Adapter US to UK
1 x Charger Canon Cube (Edelkrone)
1 x Charger Canon Cube (Edelkrone) AC
6 x Canon LP-E6 7.2V Battery
2 x Edelkrone SliderPLUS AC-DC Adapter 9V 2A
1 x Edelkrone SliderPLUS Manual
Edelkrone Slider Pro Tube 30 x 98 x 30 11.3kg
Peli case Edelkrone Motion Control 35 x 48 x 17 8.4kg

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