F and V R300S Ringlight

F&V R300 Ringlight


The R300 Ring Light is a simple daylight ring light which can be used as a beauty light and includes 3 x batteries and a charger, though it can also be powered from the camera using a D-Tap output.

F and V

It has an inside diameter of 95mm which makes it suitable for the majority of DSLR and film prime and zoom lenses.

It is battery powerable and includes a D-Tap power cable so that it can be powered from the D-Tap output of the camera and includes a 15mm mounting bracket.

The NP-F batteries supplied are also lightweight and power the light for a long period of time and the 300 daylight-balanced LEDs produce an equivalent light output to a conventional 1×1 litepanel at 1m from the light (according to the V&V website).

It features variable dimming, snap-on, magnetic filters to colour correct as well as an onboard dimmer from 0-100%.

It has a 50˚ beam-angle allowing for an wide, even spread of light.


  • Light weight .035kg exclusing AC adapter and batteries
  • Slim Profile 2205lux @ 1-meter
  • Low power draw: 18.7W nominal, 19.7W maximum
  • Magnetic, Snap-on Filters
  • Variable Dimming 0-100% continuous
  • Two Power Options: NP-F Battery Plate or D-Tap
  • 15mm Rod Mount


Beam Angle 45°
White Light Daylight 5,600 K
Colour Temperature Tolerance ± 200 k (nominal)
Colour Rendition TLCI 95-99 (97± 2), CRI 93-97 (95± 2)
Dimming 0-100% Continuous
Control On-Board Controller
Estimated LED Lifetime 50,000 hours (15 Years of average use)
Power Voltage Range 10 – 18 V DC
Input Current Range Max 1.97 A @ 10V / 1.09 a @ 18V
Power Consumption 18.7 W Nominal, 19.7 W Maximum
Power Connection ɸ5.5 x 2.5 DC @ 10-18 V
Battery Lifetime 78 mins @ 1*4800 mAh NP-F750
Thermal Design Silent Passive Cooling
Mounting 28 mm Spigot (Junior Pin), 1/4 in Nut
Housing Colour Black
Ambient Temperature Operation -20 to +45°C (-4 to +113°F)
Protection Class IP 20
Certifications CE (EMC, LVD, RoHS, REACH), ISO9001: 2000
Shipping Dimensions 31.2 x 24 x 95 cm
12.2 x 9.4 x 37.4 inches
Shipping Weight 0.75 kg
1 lbs
Kit Contents:
F&V R300 LED Ring Light Bi-Color (95mm Max)
F&V Magnetic Frost Diffusion Filter
F&V 15mm Rail Mounting Bracket
F&V L-Type Stand bracket
Power Cable D-Tap - 2.1 Co-Axial
AC Adapter
Mains Cable IEC
Charger Sony DV 930 / 970 Incl PowerCable WA
3 Battery NP-F750
Power Cable Figure 8
Peli Case F&V Ringlight

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